Keyri collaborates with Ping Identity to strenghten account security for customers

Keyri announced a new integration with Ping Identity, leveraging PingOne DaVinci, a no-code identity orchestration service.

The partnership will allow Ping Identity customers to transform their login experience into a one-step biometrics-based process, enabling a seamless user experience while strengthening account security.

Keyri joins a growing network of technology partners developing integrations with PingOne DaVinci through the Ping Identity Global Technology Partner Program. Partner solutions that integrate with PingOne DaVinci deliver an improved customer experience in a fraction of the time, through easy drag and drop design of digital user journeys across multiple applications and ecosystems.

With Keyri, enterprises can add QR-based authentication to their login pages to give users a simple and secure form of MFA. The result is secure, phishing-resistant account security, coupled with enhanced customer conversion and engagement throughout the user journey.

Keyri’s integration with PingOne DaVinci enables a quick and seamless avenue to create a better login experience today. The Keyri DaVinci connector is a lightweight package that enables direct interaction with the underlying Ping Identity architecture, while Keyri’s web widget and mobile SDKs further automate functionality to simplify the integration process.

“The rapidly expanding digital financial environment has seen a corresponding increase in the volume of fraudulent activity, especially ATO fraud involving bots, phishing, and social engineering. It’s imperative for enterprises to improve account security without compromising on user experience, something that can only be done with security by design,” said Saif Malik, Chief Strategy Officer, Keyri. “We are excited to partner with Ping Identity to bring the sophistication required to stop bad actors and offer an intuitive form of MFA.”

“Ping Identity is committed to expanding our technology partner ecosystem to deliver better, more frictionless customer experiences,” said Loren Russon, the SVP of product management at Ping Identity. “Our partnership with Keyri leverages PingOne DaVinci’s seamless orchestration to ensure dynamic user journeys are delivered quickly and efficiently at every stage of the user journey.”

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