SafePaaS announces extended identity governance and security capabilities

SafePaaS announces enhancements to its Policy-Based Access Controls management SaaS platform.

SafePaaS customers control all identity risks across the enterprise and all data sources including, cloud infrastructure, ERP, vertical applications, ITSM, databases, and servers to protect businesses from continued insider external and cyber threats.

SafePaaS converges access controls with full identity governance and security capabilities. For that reason, it is the preferred choice for enterprise customers with complex IT environments.

The platform provides organizations with centralized, fine-grained visibility into human and non-human identities from any data source, and any infrastructure through intuitive, deep, and consolidated analytics.

Today’s digital world revolves around technology, and technology revolves around identity. Enterprise continuously faces identity-related challenges, from digital transformation to securing remote workforces and multi-cloud environments. These challenges are forcing leadership to think more strategically and holistically about digital identity.

SafePaaS CTO Hennie Vermeulen says, “Traditionally, identity governance processes have been carried out in silos. By combining IGA, AM, PAM, and access controls into one solution, our customers are decreasing their threat surface for bad actors to exploit. Converged IAM activities benefit customers by weaving together identity security, authentication, and access.”

The ability to converge identity siloes is a game-changer for management, process owners, and auditors required to maintain and verify the evidence of compliance across fragmented identity systems and silos.

The platform offers control applications, API services, and content to detect, remediate, mitigate and prevent risks to the digital enterprise. Application suites on SafePaaS include AccessPaaS for audit-ready reporting, access request management, privileged access monitoring, automated fulfilment, identity analytics, and workflow orchestration.

MonitorPaaS for configuration controls, Master Data tracking, and transaction monitoring in ERP systems. ProcessPaaS for embedded preventive controls in business processes, and ARCPaaS to automate Audit, Risks, and Compliance Management.

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