PlainID joins Identity Defined Security Alliance to help organizations reduce risk

PlainID is now a member of the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), a vendor-neutral resource for organizations focused on securing digital identities to reduce the risk of an identity-related breach.

“Joining IDSA was a perfect fit for PlainID,” said Tom Ammirati, Chief Revenue Officer, PlainID. “We want to help shape the industry, and the IDSA provides a platform for vendors in the space to collectively discuss and present ideas to solve the increasingly complex problems enterprises face.”

“Even more appropriately, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and IDSA’s theme–Be Identity Smart–emphasizes the importance of why identity should be a critical component of every security strategy. We are excited to help highlight the need for modern identity-based solutions alongside IDSA during this month in particular.”, Ammirati continued.

The IDSA is a group of identity and security vendors, solution providers, and practitioners that serves as an independent source for thought leadership, expertise, and practical guidance on identity-centric approaches to security.

The IDSA is a nonprofit that facilitates community collaboration to help organizations reduce risk. This is accomplished by providing education on the best practices and providing the outlet for resources.

PlainID brings authorization as a service powered by Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) to the forefront by joining the IDSA. They help businesses advance and modernize by simply and securely connecting identities of all types with the digital assets they need to do their jobs, accomplish tasks at scale, and conduct digital commerce.

PlainID helps enterprises achieve a positive and measurable impact on user experience, enterprise security, and data privacy by making simple, smart, granular, and contextual authorization decisions.

“We are excited to add PlainID to our increasing collaboration across technology vendors, solution providers, and practitioners,” said Julie Smith, IDSA Executive Advisory Boardmember.

“We are at the forefront of an exciting and impactful trend in cybersecurity, and the IDSA is well positioned to provide the vendor-neutral best practices and education that organizations need to implement effective security strategies and improve digital experiences with the help of members like PlainID.”, Smith continued.

Membership in the Identity Defined Security Alliance is open to technology vendors and solution providers committed to the vision of an identity-centric approach to security. The IDSA was created to help organizations recognize the importance of bringing identity and security together, reducing the risk of a breach.

Members collaborate to bring awareness to the security challenges addressed through identity-centric security and provide thought leadership, education and vendor-neutral implementation guidance.

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