Imprivata extends its digital identity platform to defragment identities across disparate apps

Imprivata expands its integrated digital identity platform to defragment identities across a broad set of clinical and enterprise applications, with full visibility into individual user access activity.

This integration leverages Imprivata OneSign, the company’s single sign-on solution as the identity source for Imprivata FairWarning, its risk analytics and intelligence offering, to uniquely provide the necessary view of users across the entire application ecosystem to ensure compliance and reduce security risks.

Healthcare organizations must understand quickly and easily who is accessing protected health information (PHI) to accurately detect, investigate, and prevent major issues before they happen. However, an alarming 51% of organizations don’t monitor access to critical systems and data. For most, it is difficult to understand anomalous behavior across the network as user IDs are not consistent across applications. As a result, it can be extremely challenging to remain compliant with HIPAA and other regulations while preventing hacks and data breaches.

“Today’s security, compliance, and privacy professionals are facing unprecedented complexities that create barriers to delivering efficient and seamless access to technology resources needed for optimum patient care delivery,” said Mark McArdle, Chief Products and Design Officer at Imprivata. “Solving complex digital identity challenges is our key priority, so we’re proud to extend our platform of capabilities to make their jobs easier and their organizations more secure.”

Available immediately, this integration enables healthcare organizations to:

  • View enforced policy violations across the ecosystem to identify high-risk users at-a- glance
  • Increase match rates and accelerate user risk scoring via artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and assess risk based on cross-application activity
  • Simplify management of user lists in one place to replace manual management of user lists in each EHR or data source
  • Automate processes for updating user information as they move into new roles or departments

Imprivata FairWarning and Imprivata OneSign contribute broadly to the Imprivata Digital Identity Framework (DIF), a guide to enabling, controlling, and monitoring identities across highly complex ecosystems.

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