Searchlight Security unveils new DarkIQ multi-tenancy feature to expand dark web monitoring

Searchlight Security has announced new multi-tenancy capabilities for DarkIQ, its dark web monitoring solution. DarkIQ utilizes the most comprehensive dark web dataset on the market, and is the only one that includes dark web traffic to and from the organization’s network.

DarkIQ’s multi-tenancy feature allows organizations to manage multiple profiles on a single account, making it easier for them to monitor the deep and dark web for information – including employee credentials, IP addresses, company datasets, devices, and software – which could indicate an imminent attack.

Multi-tenancy also helps organizations like managed service providers (MSSPs) to manage their entire customer base through one platform, without having to toggle between accounts.

“Our multi-tenancy architecture was created in consultation with MSSPs who need the capability to easily go between customer profiles,” said Gareth Owenson, Co-Founder and CTO at Searchlight Security. “MSSPs’ day-to-day work on the front line of cybersecurity defense means that they have been among the first to recognize the importance of monitoring the dark web for the very earliest warning signs of a threat. This new multi-tenancy capability removes the struggle inherent in managing multiple accounts, helping MSSPs to fulfill their responsibilities of protecting multiple organizations from deep and dark web threats.”

Two pricing models are available for MSSPs: Strategic Licenses for managed security and Tactical Licenses for under-taking one-off engagements such as pentests or security audits.

With supply chain risks continuing to mount, enterprises can also leverage DarkIQ’s multi-tenancy feature to monitor their entire supply chain through the platform, vastly improving their assessment of their overall dark web risk. Similarly, large enterprises can create profiles to manage the security for all their subsidiaries and affiliated brands from a group level.

“Monitoring a supplier’s dark web exposure can increase an organization’s capacity to identify information on attacks that could eventually impact them,” said Owenson. “In today’s threat landscape, suppliers are often used by attackers as a vector into enterprises. Some of the most devastating attacks in recent years including Kaseya and NotPetya have been caused by vulnerabilities in an organization’s software supply chain and having the capacity to stop supply chain attacks from materializing is paramount.”

The DarkIQ multi-tenancy feature gives enterprises and MSSPs the ability to:

  • Expand dark web monitoring to subsidiaries, suppliers, and customers.
  • Monitor the dark web for early warning signs of threats against affiliated companies that could impact them.
  • Significantly reduce supply chain risk with the ability to spot dark web chatter around third parties.

Multi-tenancy is now available to all DarkIQ customers.

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