Persona releases unified identity platform to help businesses fight fraud

Persona has launched the next evolution of its unified identity platform to help businesses mitigate online fraud and meet ever-evolving compliance standards.

Persona platform

The new Persona platform connects, centralizes and orchestrates all fragmented identity data, disparate systems and identity operations under a single infrastructure.

Leading companies—including Square, Gusto, Revel, Toast, Coursera, and Dapper Labs—leverage Persona to adapt to evolving fraud techniques and regulatory compliance requirements—all while creating a frictionless experience for customers.

“With rising fraud rates and tightening regulation, organizations need to ensure the people and businesses they work with are who they say they are,” said Rick Song, CEO, Persona.

“But the way businesses manage and verify their customers’ identities today is purely transactional. This is because identity is ever-evolving and incredibly resource-intensive to manage. No use case is created equal. The rigor necessary for a company to verify one user might drastically differ from another due to a number of factors, including transaction risk, location and associated regulations. And applying a one-size-fits all approach leads to high failure rates and frustrated customers.”, Song continued.

The new Persona platform: Building blocks for identity operations

In order for businesses to effectively mitigate fraud and stay compliant, they need to be able to customize the way they interact and build a relationship with each user. Persona’s configurable building blocks allow organizations to tailor and streamline each stage of their unique identity processes.

Solutions include:

  • Verifications: the robust and fully-automated suite of international verification tools—e.g., database, documentary, biometric, digital ID, and behavioral signals.
  • Dynamic flow: the dynamic risk assessment engine that customizes the way businesses collect and verify information based on real-time signals.
  • Cases: a fully-customizable investigation center that can be tailored and optimized for every team’s internal review processes.
  • Workflows: a flexible no-code identity process automation builder that can ingest data, automate complex decisions, and trigger actions.
  • Graph: a link analysis and fraud investigation solution that surfaces hidden fraud rings and detects new fraud patterns.
  • Marketplace: a library of integrations with identity data providers and business productivity applications that enables organizations to unsilo and connect identity data to their business systems for better decision-making and automation.

Each of Persona’s products work independently and in tandem with each other, allowing businesses to build their ideal solution for any use case. Two of Persona’s newest solutions, Graph and Marketplace, illustrate how Persona’s building blocks work together seamlessly to power all identity operations from end to end in one place.

For example, if a business is having trouble preventing duplicate account fraud, they can use the Marketplace to consolidate active and passive signals from Persona with third-party signals, such as data from partners including Chainalysis and SentiLink.

Graph then takes that information and surfaces suspicious patterns to prevent fraud before it escalates. Finally, the business can use the business platform integrations from the Persona Marketplace to automate any follow-up actions, such as updating accounts in Salesforce or closing out tickets in Zendesk.

Song continued, “In today’s constantly changing digital landscape, organizations struggle to balance fraud mitigation and conversion optimization without putting a huge strain on their operations team. With Persona’s re-architected platform, companies can tackle every identity need—from identity verification to fraud review—individually, or orchestrate and safeguard their identity operations from end to end by combining building blocks on one cohesive platform.”

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