Picus Security integrates with Trend Micro to enable joint customers validate and maximize threat readiness

Picus Security has expanded its partnership with Trend Micro to enable Trend Micro Vision One (TMVO) XDR customers to continuously validate their threat detection and response capabilities.

The Picus Complete Security Control Validation platform now integrates with TMVO XDR to enable joint users to automatically simulate real-world threats and ensure that detection policies are continuously tuned to identify and alert on them.

“To rapidly detect and respond to the latest cyber threats, it’s vital to maintain a high degree of visibility at all times,” says Volkan Erturk, CTO and Co-Founder of Picus Security.

“By leveraging the new integration between The Picus Platform and Trend Micro Vision One, security teams benefit from an automated and continuous way to validate and enhance their preparedness – ensuring a proactive and threat-centric approach to detection, 24/7.”

In order to validate TMVO XDR’s performance against ransomware and other threats, The Picus Platform’s threat library is updated daily by a team of dedicated researchers.

The platform quantifies simulation results to measure improvements. Plus, to help security operations teams swiftly address any gaps in detection coverage identified, it supplies actionable mitigation recommendations.

Overall benefits of the joint integration are security teams being able to achieve a more proactive approach, alleviate manual detection engineering processes, and reduce false positive alerts.

“Providing a holistic view across organization’s networks, endpoint and cloud environments, Vision One XDR provides the capabilities security teams need to identify and respond sooner and more effectively,” says Mike Gibson – VP of Global Customer Success and Global Sales at Trend Micro.

“Now, via this joining integration with The Picus Platform, security teams can get the very best from the solution at all times and stay on top of the evolving threat landscape.”

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