Holm Security Cloud Scanning empowers users to detect vulnerabilities across all of their assets

Holm Security has given organizations the tools needed to lower the risk of malicious attacks in the cloud with the latest addition of Cloud Scanning to its Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform.

While most cloud security programs focus mainly on external attacks and malicious insiders, misconfigurations of cloud architecture often prove the risk for organizations when it comes to protecting against data leaks. 23% of cloud security incidents are due to misconfiguration, ahead of issues like exposed data or account compromise.

To combat this, Holm Security has designed a product, Cloud Scanning, which combines Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) with its existing Vulnerability Management capabilities to continuously monitor the cloud environment providing discovery, visibility, and vulnerability assessment in a threat detection bundle.

An agentless deployment ensures complete coverage with an API-based approach, eliminating security blind spots while reducing team friction. Offering coverage within minutes, Cloud Scanning streamlines the detection and prioritization of security risks within a cloud estate.

Cloud Scanning has become the latest addition to Holm Security’s Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform, which discovers vulnerabilities across systems, networks, web apps, cloud infrastructure, remote devices, and employees in an all-in-one solution.

The information is then fed back to the user in a unified view to highlight the risk posture at an organizational level, all the way down to a single device.

The offering from Holm Security combines both technical and human aspects. The inclusion of Cloud Scanning gives customers coverage across the entire infrastructure to help keep them one step ahead of cybercriminals.

“Our Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform will enable our customers to gain complete visibility and actionable context of any misconfigurations to allow them to proactively and continuously improve their cloud security posture,” said Holm Security CEO and founder Stefan Thelberg.

“They can rest assured that our next-gen platform will detect vulnerabilities across all of their assets – now including all of their cloud infrastructure – and present it back to them in a unified view making it possible for our customers to know where to focus to reduce their attack surface.”, Thelberg continued.

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