How micro-VMs can protect your most vulnerable endpoints

Since the pandemic began, cyberattacks have increased by 400%, and many home Wi-Fi networks are unable to withstand the assault. In fact, over 80% of home-office routers were found to be vulnerable to potential cyberattacks.

micro-VMs protect

When it comes to these cyberattacks, malware remains a major concern. With one click, an infection can wreak havoc on your network, allow hackers to steal critical information, delete files and destroy your devices.

Advanced security is vital when protecting your business and employees. And, while traditional antivirus software is important, it relies on recognizing known malware or suspicious activity.

Today, cybercriminals are more sophisticated, determined and organized than ever before, and cyberthreats are largely undetectable. Traditional software may not be enough to thwart modern hackers. Luckily, there’s a better way to protect your endpoints: micro-virtual machines (micro-VMs).

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