Keyo Network improves security for people and businesses with palm scanning technology

Keyo launches Keyo Network, a biometric identity network powered by palm scanning technology. Keyo allows anyone to verify who they are and access what is theirs with a contactless scan of their hand, giving people the power to open doors, pay at stores, redeem tickets, and more without needing phones, fobs, cards, or keys.

Keyo Network

The Keyo Network is designed to create a convenient and consistent experience for people across different companies, countries, and use cases. It is powered by patented hardware and software that map and encrypt the unique patterns of the palm, and can scale up to billions of users. The Keyo Network is made up of:

  • The Keyo Wave: Powered by Keyo’s patented multispectral palm imaging technology, the Wave is the industry’s most powerful hand scanner, allowing incredible flexibility for palms to be identified at different distances, angles, and postures, such as flat vs. cupped.
  • The Keyo Mobile App: People can enroll with Keyo, link accounts such as credit cards, and manage their data and permissions with the Keyo app for smartphones.
  • The Keyo Partner Program & App Store: Designed for enterprise use cases, the Keyo Partner Program & App Store allow Keyo Partners to quickly add contactless, convenient and secure biometric identity to their own products and services.
  • The Keyo Identity Cloud: Scalable to billions of users and backed by military grade encryption, the Keyo Identity Cloud enables users to instantly and privately identify themselves based on a simple scan of their hand at any business participating in the Keyo Network.

“We’re on a mission to create the first truly secure, private and seamless global identity system – a paradigm shift in how we identify ourselves throughout our daily lives,” said Jaxon Klein, CEO at Keyo. “The platform is purpose-built for scalability, compliance and interoperability so that partners can easily add biometric identity to their own products and services, and so that people no longer need to rely on scraps of metal, paper, or plastic to identify themselves.”

Keyo was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing the convenience of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security, or personal freedom. Over 15,000 Keyo devices are already in use around the world, allowing patients to check in for hospital appointments in the US, employees to unlock office doors in Mexico, shoppers to pay for purchases in Rwanda and more. The company has raised $7M in funding to date from visionary investors and operators, like Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix.

“I’m thrilled to be on this journey with Keyo,” said Marc Randolph. “I have always been interested in true consumer innovation, and Keyo has the potential to simplify the way millions of people interact with the world.”

The human hand has millions of unique data points that differentiate us and change little over time, making it an ideal biometric identifier. Some of these data points, such as those of our palm vein patterns, are internal to the body, which makes them virtually impossible to obtain without consent. Keyo’s selection of the palm for its biometric identity system is just one of the ways the company protects consumer privacy. With military grade encryption and support for major privacy and security frameworks such as GDPR, SOC, BIPA, and CCPA, Keyo’s technology ensures a secure experience for partners and users.

The problems the Keyo Network can solve range from minor inconveniences, such as forgetting your wallet or keys, to major crises, such as recovering the identity of people experiencing a natural disaster or political instability. In a world that continues to grow more connected and globalized, Keyo is building a future where all that anyone needs to move through their day conveniently, safely, and securely is the palm of their hand.

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