Frost & Sullivan recognizes Resecurity as a leader in the cyber threat intelligence market

Resecurity announced that Frost & Sullivan recognized the company in its Global Threat Intelligence Platforms Market 2022 report.

Resecurity Frost Sullivan

The Frost & Sullivan report details the organization’s market research, identifying trends in the market and top vendors and tools in the market. Inclusion in this report is a major milestone for Resecurity, as the recognition validates the company’s position as a top provider in the space.

Frost & Sullivan specifically highlighted Resecurity’s HUNTER team that is dedicated to on-going research and intelligence. The HUNTER team actively researches and tracks changes to the threat landscape, supplying clients with the most relevant and current cyber threat intelligence. This has led Frost & Sullivan to recognize Resecurity’s high rate of growth and 100% year-over-year customer retention rate.

“Resecurity has demonstrated impressive growth rates in the last three years. Its growth strategy is based on a ‘reach and access’ approach to threat intelligence as well as on the company’s ability to provide visibility on the areas that really matter to customers. This strategy is aligned with Resecurity’s vision of reimagining cybersecurity operations”, said Clara Dello Russo, Senior Research Analyst, Security Frost & Sullivan.

Resecurity serves clients in a variety of industries with global reach.

Organizations around the world leverage Resecurity’s cyber threat intelligence platform to analyze up to date threat intelligence and correlate it with their own risk profile and environment. Paired with Resecurity’s other offerings, such as digital risk protection (DRP), Resecurity is well positioned to be a one stop shop for integrated threat intelligence solutions.

“Resecurity is elated to be included in the Frost & Sullivan TIP Market report for 2022. Coverage in this report validates what our customers already know – that Resecurity is a top provider of threat intelligence solutions in the market,” said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

Resecurity Frost Sullivan

Exposure in the Frost & Sullivan report will likely expand Resecurity’s reach in the industry, as many organizations look to Frost & Sullivan for market research and intelligence. Poised to grow further, Resecurity has global reach with partners in countries around the world engaged in selling and promoting their threat intelligence solutions.

The cyber threat intelligence market is particularly relevant as the threat landscape becomes more complex and threat actors become more sophisticated. Organizations are tasked with protecting themselves from old and outdated threats as well as protecting themselves from new and emerging threats. Actionable intelligence is crucial to staying up to date on tactics being used by threat actors across the threat landscape.

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