Atempo Miria 4.0 interoperates with any file HPC storage on-premise and cloud

Atempo announces Miria 4.0, the latest release of their all-in-one data management platform for moving, protecting, and archiving data on all HPC storages and processes.

Miria 4.0 adds on-demand archiving and data movement accessible to scientists and non-IT resources via its intuitive web UI. It also adds support for the backup of Weka storage platform.

“In the last two years, we have been doing continuous improvements to Miria’s interfaces which are now fully web-based and available for all modules, including core data movement engine to boost parallelization, to add support for more storages,” explained Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management. “We now offer Fastscan for Lustre and GPFS. We also now have support for Weka, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux and Oracle Linux. We like to describe this 2022 version of Miria as the perfect petabyte scale data management platform where, we have an all-in-one solution, connecting any storage and any workflow with sizeable strength and unmatched scalability.”

With five separate data management services, data mobility, archive, backup, migration and analytics, Miria 4.0 is perfectly positioned to address the evolving needs of the HPC community by delivering more data-centric services.

“Industry and academic research are adding more machine learning and AI to their compute cluster and need to adapt their storages and processes,” stated Atempo Ferhat Kaddour, VP if Sales and Alliances, Atempo. “Using Miria, with its five pillars, or data services integrated into a single platform, any HPC team can take full control of their data and automate data movement at levels of scalability, interoperability, and security, simply not available on other systems. We are excited to be back at Supercomputing, in person and look forward to showing Miria to customers in person.”

The Miria platform is also enriched with multiple security features such as external authentication providers, support for advanced password policies, native encryption of communications and data transfers, as well as built-in integrity checks of migrations tasks that guarantee compliance.

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