Strata Identity Orchestration Recipes helps users solve a growing number of identity integration challenges

Strata Identity announced no-code Orchestration Recipes for deploying end-to-end, automated customer use cases on the Maverics multi-cloud identity orchestration platform.

Traditional “connectors” merely link two identity products on a one-to-one basis, while Strata’s Orchestration Recipes are complete integrations for solving a complex identity use case or business challenge. These include personalized user journeys, app modernization, deploying passwordless authentication, supporting multiple identity providers (IDP) and many more.

Strata’s Orchestration Recipes are composed of the customer’s own Identity Fabric, as integrated by the Maverics Platform which enables otherwise incompatible and fragmented identity systems, IDPs and identity products like MFA and passwordless, to function as one. Strata’s Orchestration Recipes manage the complex identity relationships and processes associated with deploying identity use cases, eliminate the need to rewrite apps, and require virtually no code.

According to Gartner, “Identity fabric approaches, where an organization weaves multiple IAM (identity and access management) tools together to solve identity use cases, requires event-based and runtime communication mechanisms to be established to evaluate and establish trust, and orchestrates the right tools for the use cases.”

Example Strata’s Orchestration Recipes

Popular Recipes address application and IDP modernization, passwordless deployment, risk-based user access, fraud prevention, and support for multiple IDPs.

For example, app modernization recipes enable organizations to accelerate and automate the process of migrating from an outdated, legacy IDP such as CA Single Sign-on (formerly Netegrity SiteMinder) to a new modern cloud IDP like Okta, AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure.

Passwordless deployment recipes allow an organization to use a specific passwordless vendor as an IDP in order to implement password-free user access workflows. This includes providing the ability to add passwordless authentication to legacy and homegrown apps that don’t otherwise support modern identity protocols.

Multiple IDP recipes enable enterprises to use any number of concurrent IDPs for a wide range of use cases that include post M&A technology integrations, using unique IDPs for separate user groups such as employees, contractors, partners, etc. and IDP resiliency to allow for failover in the event of an outage of the primary IDP.

“As companies accelerate app modernization and cloud migration, stitching together incompatible identity products and identity providers often involves rewriting code which is extremely costly and time consuming,” said Eric Olden, CEO of Strata Identity. “With Maverics, Strata provides an identity fabric that eliminates the need to rewrite applications, while our recipes automate the deployment of popular use cases like passwordless using any combination of identity products and providers. Orchestration Recipes help our customers get more identity integration projects done, faster.”


Strata’s Orchestration Recipes are available immediately in Strata’s Maverics Platform.

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