Climb Channel Solutions collaborates with Beyond Identity to improve zero trust strategy for enterprises

Climb Channel Solutions partners with Beyond Identity to bring a passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to its network of value-added resellers.

As a leading distributor of cybersecurity solutions, Climb continues to represent proven technologies that have a dramatic impact on an organization’s cybersecurity preparedness. With Beyond Identity, Climb is adding ransomware and account takeover attack prevention capability that is a foundational layer for every organization’s zero trust strategy.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Climb team who has a well-earned reputation in cybersecurity and will help us significantly accelerate our channel strategy,” noted Bill Hogan, Beyond Identity’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Organizations cannot achieve their zero-trust objectives without strong assurance in user identity and endpoint security. Beyond Identity enables organizations to eliminate passwords–the initial attack vector for 70% of all cyber-attacks and to ensure each endpoint meets policy requirements on a continuous basis.”

Beyond Identity provides an advanced, phishing-resistant MFA that ensures that only trusted users logging in from secure devices are able to access applications, data, and other critical resources. The US Department of Homeland Security and FBI are presently warning organizations about active attacks leveraging “man in the middle” techniques to easily bypass MFA that relies on passwords, plus legacy MFA factors like push notifications and one-time codes sent over SMS/email. Beyond Identity replaces easily phishable MFA using cryptographic passkeys to provide a high-trust and phishing-resistant method of authentication.

“Zero Trust is the sum of identity assurance plus device security. Since passwords are hackable and the cause of over 70% of all current breaches, organizations simply cannot achieve Zero-Trust objectives if they use traditional passwords,” noted Dale Foster, CEO at Climb Channel Solutions. “The US Government mandates that no federal supplier use phishable MFA starting in January 2024, making 2023 the year of going ‘passwordless’. Partnering with Beyond Identity will ensure our resellers have the right tools to enable their clients to implement phishing-resistant MFA and to meet Zero Trust standards.”

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