Alkira collaborates with Infoblox to simplify cloud application management

Alkira has partnered with Infoblox to make it easier for enterprises to manage applications in complex distributed compute environments.

Infoblox provides critical domain name and IP management and security services. Alkira’s Cloud Networking as a Service (CNaaS) simplifies deployment and management of networks from data center to cloud.

The partnership between Infoblox and Alkira enables organizations to deploy Infoblox combined with Alkira’s Cloud Network as a Service to manage DNS, DHCP, IPAM and DNS security across multiple cloud regions and multiple clouds.

Many organizations already rely on Infoblox to deploy services for on-premises networks. Now they can extend the same services over many different cloud environments.

Infoblox’s patented Grid technology provides a unified platform for core network services. This is straightforward to implement for data center deployments but more complex in distributed cloud environments where separate instances need to be manually deployed and configured for each cloud.

Alkira simplifies the process using a point and click GUI. Customers can deploy multiple instances of Infoblox, assign them different roles, and implement multi-region, multi-cloud networks using the Infoblox Anycast capability.

Amir Khan, chief executive officer of Alkira, said: “Digital transformation is about eliminating complexity. With many more end-points and proliferating and widely distributed applications, it’s getting harder than ever to manage the sprawl. Secure IP address and DNS management are critical to network security and resilience. Infoblox is the undisputed leader in this space. We’re making it simpler to deploy those capabilities in complex cloud environments.”

Guy Daley, VP corporate strategy and business development, Infoblox, said: “Managing distributed applications in the cloud is tough. Different cloud service providers do the same things in different ways. Routing tables, subnets, Internet gateways, UDRs and peering come in a variety of flavors. The more cloud you’re in, the harder it becomes to manage all these constructs. Teaming Infoblox with Alkira makes it an order of magnitude easier.”

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