Sonrai Risk Insights Engine empowers security teams to reduce impact of exploits

Sonrai Security releases Risk Insights Engine which lets developer and security teams control the chaos in both their organizations and their multicloud environments, minimizing lateral movement that leads to data theft.

Sonrai Risk Insights Engine

Having already given customers comprehensive visibility into and control over every identity and the data each has access to in their multicloud environments, Sonrai now lets teams apply platform-recommended remediations to existing lateral movement risks, benchmark their performance against self-defined goals and similar organizations, and report KPIs clearly to illustrate security status over time.

Sonrai’s ability to monitor lateral movement, through which adversaries move through the cloud to reach their intended target, is critically important. It only takes one over-privileged identity to compromise an enterprise cloud and steal critical data. Providing detailed observability of all identities, data, indirect access, and compute resources in AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, it uses patented analytics to determine all possible attack paths and applies a concrete rating of cloud security, The Sonrai Risk Index.

Sonrai researchers have discovered that approximately 10% of enterprise cloud identities have full admin permissions – enough permissions to completely compromise an organization’s cloud environment. Sonrai also measured more than 35,000 unique permissions available across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, with 20 or more being created by the cloud providers daily. The company estimates that beyond admin privileges in Amazon Web Services, there are 10,000 unique permissions, 1,800 ways to create resources and 1,300 ways to delete them.

“With cloud adoption and the faster pace of development, developer and security teams need to be aligned to ensure that security processes are incorporated in development in an efficient way,” said Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Security needs persistent analytics-powered risk visibility, prioritization and remediation to enable them to scale. Sonrai provides a prescriptive, automated cloud security platform to optimize efficiency, with visibility and control from the inside out in public clouds. This approach enables the platform to recommend very clear actions and exact measurement of the impact that those actions will have. It minimizes lateral movement, and, therefore, the overall impact of cloud exploits.”

The platform recommends goals based on multiple factors, including the intended use of an environment (development, staging, production, etc.), presence of sensitive data (e.g., PII), and the maturity of the team responsible for it. It evaluates which assets or unique risks are having the greatest impact to the Risk Index, and recommends immediately-actionable remediation options.

These include policy enforcement suggestions, scripted bots, recommended cloud console actions and even specific code to enter into a command line interface. Sonrai’s prescriptive workflow and cloud organization capabilities ensure that all teams are able to take the actions appropriate to their roles. As each team improves toward their security goals, team leaders and executives can see performance over time with self-explanatory metrics and historical reporting.

“The Sonrai Risk Insights Engine lets Sonrai users take a more cohesive approach to operationalizing cloud security by making lateral movement risks, and the steps required to address them, obvious and actionable,” said Brendan Hannigan, CEO of Sonrai Security. “The combination of comprehensive observability, role-specific recommendations for remediation and scoring via the Risk Index unifies security and dev teams, helping them control the chaos and giving them a clear path to improvement of their constantly-changing cloud security risk.”

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