Kurt Sanger joins Batten as Cybersecurity Expert

Batten announced the appointment of Kurt Sanger as a Cybersecurity Expert.

As a former Deputy General Counsel with U.S Cyber Command, Sanger brings years of experience and expertise in cybersecurity and has been involved in the planning of many complex cyber operations. Through this role, Sanger often found himself translating and communicating complex technical information between different communities.

Sanger also served 23 years in the United States Marine Corps, giving him a unique perspective on the responsibility of providing safety and security for American families. “Every computer or network has vulnerabilities and pathways that need to be protected,” said Sanger. “I think my experience and former roles have given me the ability to help families find solutions and help them understand the options they have to secure their digital footprint.”

“We are thrilled to bring Kurt onto the Batten team,” said Patrick Robinson, Founder and CEO of Batten. “Because of his vast experience in the industry, Kurt has a broad understanding of the risks of technology, enabling him to take a proactive approach and provide solutions that help people protect themselves and their families.

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