Here’s the deal: Uptycs for all of 2023 for $1

Customers are shifting their cybersecurity up with Uptycs. Now, for only a buck, you can shift up, too:

  • Automate security and connect insights across your enterprise—cloud, data centers, containers, and workforce
  • Reduce MTTD and MTTR to breaches and attacks by eliminating tool, team, and infrastructure silos
  • Make better risk decisions about vulnerabilities and threats through an SQL-powered data lake—your Uptycs Detection Cloud


Using one UI and data model, Uptycs ties together threat activity as it traverses on-prem and cloud boundaries. This gives you a more cohesive enterprise-wide security posture.

Each Uptycs capability on its own is world-class and together they’re a force multiplier for reducing operating costs, deployment times, and security failures.

Uptycs for all of 2023 for $1

Comprehensive cloud security coverage—CWPP, CSPM, CIEM, KSPM, CDR, and CI/CD image and registry scanning. Get instant coverage with agentless workload scanning, then add continuous runtime security with the Uptycs sensor.

Enterprise customer support is included. Choose any combo of a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 1,000 eligible assets.

On-prem assets:

  • Productivity endpoints
  • Servers and virtual machines
  • Unmanaged Kubernetes nodes

Cloud assets from up to four AWS accounts:

  • Amazon EC2s
  • Amazon EKS and ECS nodes
  • Amazon Fargate tasks

This offer is no longer available.

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