ImmuniWeb launches service for discovery and take down of phishing websites

ImmuniWeb has launched the new Discovery Phishing Websites Takedown service which takes down malicious and phishing websites in just one click to reduce the risks of surging phishing campaigns that aptly exploit human error.

ImmuniWeb Discovery Phishing Websites Takedown

Both the number and success rate of phishing attacks are skyrocketing: 74% of organizations fell victim to successful phishing attacks last year, whilst 54% of the phishing incidents led to a compromise of customer data or other sensitive information.

To tackle the ballooning problem, ImmuniWeb has introduced a simple and efficient phishing websites takedown service that can detect and lawfully suspend malicious websites, pages or domains. Existing and new customers of the award-winning ImmuniWeb Discovery product will have the new feature available within the Ultimate package – at no additional cost – starting on December 1, 2022.

Depending on the case, a takedown may take from one hour to one week. All the updates and events will be duly recorded in the incident details. ImmuniWeb’s 24/7 technical support remains available as always for questions and assistance.

Additionally, all customers of ImmuniWeb Discovery with Dark Web monitoring in their subscription will now have access to malware logs with sensitive data stolen from their compromised devices when the former become accessible on the Dark Web.

Given that many companies still encourage working from home, preventing attacks on corporate devices located outside of the office is not an easy task, let alone monitoring personal devices that may also contain sensitive corporate data. After a machine is compromised and infected with malware, a dump containing stolen credentials and other valuable data may become available for sale on the Dark Web. Once such an incident is detected, it will rapidly be reported to the concerned customer for further investigation.

Finally, a new feature called Canary is available to proactively monitor data breaches that would otherwise be undetectable on the Dark Web. Just click on the “Canary” link in the “Incidents” tab of ImmuniWeb Discovery for instructions on how to set up the monitoring.

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, Chief Architect & CEO, says: “We are delighted to continually improve our product offering and help our customers to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber threats. Taking into consideration the valuable feedback from our customers and partners on how to make our award-winning Platform even better, we will be presenting more exciting features and functionalities soon. Please stay tuned.”

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