Rezonate emerges from stealth and raises $8.7 million

Rezonate emerged from stealth with $8.7 million in financing for its disruptive cloud identity protection platform that prevents access risk and stops attackers’ actions to breach cloud infrastructure, where modern organizations’ critical data resides.

Backing this new approach are State of Mind Ventures and Flybridge, with participation from toDay Ventures, Merlin Ventures seed fund, renowned security executives, angels and strategic investors.

Co-founder and CEO Roy Akerman, former head of Israeli Cyber Defense Operations, and CTO Ori Amiga, who led engineering teams for the Israeli government and previous founder of an Incident Response (IR) firm, together with the Rezonate team of experienced cloud builders, security researchers and incident responders, are creating the industry’s first Cloud Identity Protection Platform (CIPP). The Rezonate platform creates a unified view across identity and cloud infrastructure providers, giving Security and DevOps teams the power to detect, prioritize and remediate identity-based threats in real time.

According to Gartner, “by 2023, 75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges.” This underscores that identity is shifting from simply being the new perimeter to identity and access becoming the most critical control for cloud defense-in-depth. Recent breaches, like that of Uber, surface the need to go beyond strong authentication with the most dynamic defense to disrupt and eliminate an attacker’s opportunity to breach.

“The rapidly-changing cloudscape together with the proliferation of human and machine identities requires a different approach,” said Roy Akerman, CEO, Rezonate. “Modern infrastructures require a precise and nimble way to outsmart attackers. One that primes cloud identities and access at its core and is constantly adapting to current dynamics over yesterday’s snapshots and, for the first time, gives defenders and builders the means to act confidently.”

In addition to advancing Rezonate’s unique cloud identity protection approach across all clouds and identity providers, and from build time to real time, the funds will further accelerate go-to-market efforts to meet the growing demand for the platform and enable the delivery of new innovations and partnerships.

“The fact that in just ten months from our first line of code we already have active customers, solving key gaps daily, affirms the criticality of the cloud identity and access issue. In a cloud world where everything is changing all the time, DevOps teams need a solution as dynamic and automated as the infrastructure they need to protect,” said CTO Ori Amiga.

The Rezonate Cloud Identity Protection Platform (CIPP)

Purpose-built to eliminate identity- and access-based risks including critical security gaps, abnormal access attempts and active threats, the Rezonate CIPP provides a real-time and adaptive security architecture against today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Rezonate CIPP revolutionizes the identity posture management, identity threat detection and response, and operational visibility required by Security and DevOps teams.

Powered by the Identity Storyline, a core capability of the platform, Security and DevOps teams gain a situational understanding of every risk from every access across the entire cloud identity fabric, comprising every user and resource. With data continually synthesized, presenting the exact context required to accelerate prioritization of critical exposures, Storyline limits the impact of active threats and enables response directly from within the tool before any damage occurs.

Rezonate validates that there are no more blind spots, malicious access exploitation and lengthy remediation cycles. For every real-time anomalous activity detected, Rezonate CIPP visualizes an end-to-end attack chain, linking its root exposure to the attacker’s actions, providing an actionable, automated and tailored response action.

Olivier Martinet, Group CISO at TX Group and an early adopter, agrees. “We are very happy to be one of the very first customers. Rezonate knew exactly where our core challenge would be across our stack — identity protection. The platform gave us rapid results, protecting identities before they shifted to an active risk. Rezonate plays an instrumental part of TX Group’s cloud and identity security programs and continues to evolve our security posture as fast as our cloud infrastructure does,” he said.

As organizations move and grow business applications in the cloud, identity and access security is a core requirement to drive resilience and prevent breaches,” said Chip Hazard, General Partner at Flybridge. “Rezonate has a great team, with the passion and market experience that positions them to become a leader in this space. We have witnessed Roy and Ori’s ability to execute, customer excitement for their solution, and are proud to be part of this journey.”

“We evaluate many cloud security startups, but none come close to Rezonate,” said Nir Adler, General Partner at State of Mind Ventures. “Rezonate’s unique approach of protecting the cloud’s most critical control – identity and access – provides enterprises globally the ability to effectively fix exposure risk and speed response to active threats. I know firsthand the strength and expertise of the Rezonate leadership team, which is why I’m excited to announce State of Mind Ventures’ investment in Rezonate. It’s rare that you see a security technology with the potential to completely change the way cloud security is done today.”

“Rezonate brings a new approach to cloud identity protection,” said Sam Curry, Rezonate Board Advisor. “The innovation and simplicity it delivers enables organizations of all sizes and all maturity levels to reduce cloud identity and access risk. By embracing the dynamic cloud and applying that same agility towards its security, Rezonate is really changing the way cloud security is thought of today. The time to protect cloud identities and access is now.”

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