RingCentral expands end-to-end encryption to phone calls and messaging

RingCentral has expanded its End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) beyond support for video to include both phone and messaging within its flagship RingCentral MVP product.

RingCentral end-to-end encryption

E2EE technology prevents any unauthorized third party from accessing users’ communication content.

For security minded organizations, this provides privacy for privileged conversations–as well as protection against third party intrusion and attacks.

Spending on GDPR fines related to communication security and compliance risks rose 570% from $179M in 2020 to $1.2B in 2021, according to DLA Piper’s GDPR fines and data breach survey. Corporate data breaches alone topped $151M in 2021, according to the 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report.

Before RingCentral’s E2EE, companies that wanted private, end-to-end encrypted calls and chat messages would use multiple third-party tools, many of which lacked critical business-grade compliance oversight.

“With RingCentral’s E2EE for video, and soon, phone calls and messaging, organizations can leverage RingCentral’s native capabilities to simplify their technology stack with one offering. We believe our approach to end-to-end encryption across message, video, and phone is truly differentiated, and represents the most complete deployment of E2EE for enterprise communications, to date,” said Michael Armer, chief information security officer at RingCentral.

“People exchange millions of calls and messages a day on RingCentral’s platform. With our new E2EE, we’re extending enterprise-grade privacy and security controls for our customers, giving them the freedom to have confidential conversations across any mode.”, Armer continued.

Key highlights and differentiators of RingCentral’s end-to-end encryption:

RingCentral E2EE extends enterprise-grade confidentiality across chats, calls, and meetings and extends more privacy and security controls in the hands of enterprises.

Other benefits include:

  • Expanded support beyond 1:1 calls or messages–supports large groups. RingCentral takes a comprehensive approach across message, video, and phone. Using Messaging Layer Security (MLS), the technology is scalable and supports all RingCentral users–whether they are inside a company communicating with each other or if they are interacting with external guests–as long as they are signed into a RingCentral account. To date, this represents the most complete deployment of E2EE for enterprise communications.
  • Multi-modal and available on desktop, mobile, or Web browser. E2EE is accessible across various devices and web browsers, to ensure that people working from anywhere–or guests who have not downloaded the app–can still have access to E2EE.
  • E2EE can be turned on in the middle of a call or meeting. E2EE is available whether the conversation is ongoing, scheduled, or spontaneous and lets participants easily and securely switch devices mid-conversation.
  • Privacy by design. For compliance minded organizations, IT administrators can turn E2EE on/off at any time. Additionally, IT administrators have cryptographic access to messaging data and can export messaging data if needed. RingCentral also plans to empower customers to enable content capture and supervision with select partners for E2EE voice, chat, and video next year.

“As businesses shift more of their communications to team messaging services, it has become more critical to secure these conversations. The newly expanded E2EE is a significant offering from RingCentral that aims to keep content private comprehensively across messaging, video, and phone,” said Dave Michels, principal analyst and founder of TalkingPointz, an industry analyst research firm.

“Additionally, its end-to-end encryption works with one-on-one and group conversations, and it is designed to enable high standards of security without sacrificing user experience.”, Michels added.

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