Axiomatics Orchestrated Authorization updates modernize access control approach

Axiomatics has introduced the next evolution of its Orchestrated Authorization strategy. Through new capabilities and enhancements to the authorization solution, Axiomatics now offers the adaptable and scalable implementation of fine-grained access control (FGAC).

This enables enterprises to centralize their authorization strategy while decentralizing policy modeling, testing, deployment, and analysis.

“With increased adoption of zero trust, policies related to access control and risk can no longer be confined to identity and access management (IAM) or security teams alone, but require support from the broader enterprise, including both development and the business,” said Mark Cassetta, chief product officer for Axiomatics.

“The investments we’re announcing today enable IAM teams to provide consistent guardrails around policy creation, while integrating feedback from across the enterprise. That collaboration is at the heart of developing a consistent and effective Zero Trust strategy,” Cassetta continued.

New investments to the company’s Orchestrated Authorization strategy include:

  • For the business – The new Policy Designer easily empowers anyone (internal or external) to create authorization policies based on IAM and enterprise security guardrails. Central teams can allow the creation of business-specific policies, while maintaining visibility and control of the overall enterprise authorization.
  • For DevOps – As part of the company’s Policy-as-code offering, the new Policy Testing Framework automates policy testing and promotion as part of the DevOps process. In providing policy creators a testing framework that aligns to their identity strategy, organizations can maintain a shift left approach to their authorization policy deployments.
  • For compliance – As part of an ongoing effort to maintain compliance, Contextual Authorization Query provides a list of conditions that describe who, what, when, where, why, and how information can be accessed in an application.

“With an evolving threat landscape, a ‘work from anywhere’ workforce and pressure to successfully adopt security postures like zero trust, more enterprises realize they have to modernize their approach to access control, which must include an effective authorization strategy,” said Vijay Bhagwati, specialist leader for Deloitte.

“Orchestrated Authorization enables enterprises to modernize in the way that’s right for them, by meeting them where they are now and enabling them to scale their efforts in a way that works for their business,” Bhagwati added.


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