DocNetwork launches MFA tool to secure camp and school data

DocNetwork releases Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for their CampDoc and SchoolDoc platforms to improve account security above and beyond passwords alone.

Everyone uses passwords to gain entry into their email, work systems, and bank accounts, and are encouraged to create passwords that are strong and difficult for others to guess. But on their own, passwords no longer provide an appropriate level of security. Data privacy and security has always been a top priority at DocNetwork, and MFA, sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication or 2FA, is critical functionality that will help ensure the account security of all CampDoc and SchoolDoc clients.

“When we think about data breaches, we often think about bank accounts and lost money,” said Dr. Michael Ambrose, Founder and CEO of DocNetwork. “But health records are also a common target for hackers, and camps and schools who collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) are also at risk.”

The rate of ransomware attacks and other cybercrimes have skyrocketed in both frequency and severity. As a result, many insurance carriers are now requiring that camps and schools have MFA in place for any software tools they use to collect and store camper and student data. Those camps or schools using tools without MFA risk non-renewal or large increases in premiums.

“We are committed to protecting the data of our camps and schools with the strongest safeguards in the industry,” said Chris Cummings, VP of Client Experience at DocNetwork. “To further strengthen those protections, we are excited to introduce an easy-to-implement Multi-Factor Authentication tool for our camps and schools.”

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