Daon offers FIDO-certified biometric authentication on ForgeRock’s cloud platform

Daon has expanded its partnership with ForgeRock to leverage the Daon IdentityX platform on the new ForgeRock Identity Cloud to provide more secure authentication via Daon device-based biometric technology in conjunction with FIDO standards.

Through this partnership, ForgeRock’s customers will now be able to add Daon’s multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to any ForgeRock Identity Cloud workflow using its user-friendly, no-code interface.

ForgeRock administrators can introduce passwordless MFA into a customer journey in seconds for immediate deployment. Daon, one of the original members of the FIDO Alliance, has added its patented biometric authentication into the FIDO-based specifications.

Daon is one of the first identity proofing and authentication vendors to provide this integration into ForgeRock Identity as a Service (IDaaS) cloud platform. It is immediately available on ForgeRock Backstage Marketplace.

“As cloud-based initiatives continue to expand, we have positioned our IdentityX platform to grow with the industry. Integrating IdentityX with ForgeRock’s cloud platform will provide customers with a frictionless user experience while increasing overall security,” said Conor White, president of the Americas at Daon.

“Daon IdentityX is a trusted solution for our partners and their customers, and we are proud to further this partnership to now support the new ForgeRock IDaaS platform,” White continued.

In addition to supporting biometric MFA for the ForgeRock cloud platform, the Daon IdentityX platform provides seamless, cross-channel, document-based identity proofing to meet the future needs of the ForgeRock user community.

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