Arkose Labs unveils SMS Toll Fraud online ROI calculator

Arkose Labs has launched a new SMS Toll Fraud online ROI calculator that enables CISOs to estimate the cost savings associated with stopping SMS Toll Fraud, a serious operational and financial threat to enterprises.

Arkose Labs ROI calculator

SMS Toll Fraud, also known as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), is a type of cybercrime that occurs when attackers hijack voice or SMS one-time passwords for monetary gain.

This type of attack not only disrupts business operations and damages a company’s reputation, but also it can result in significant monthly financial losses.

Recent research indicates that SMS Toll Fraud has increased six-fold to more than $10 billion today up from $1.8 billion in 2013.

“SMS Toll Fraud is a very sophisticated type of attack, and it’s a growing problem for enterprises, which makes it critical for companies to have the tools and resources to protect themselves,” said Arkose Labs founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk.

“Our new online calculator enables banks, e-commerce companies, and telcos to quickly and easily estimate the potential cost savings associated with stopping SMS Toll Fraud and helps them make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategy,” Gosschalk continued.

Arkose Labs is one of the providers that has experience in identifying and stopping SMS Toll Fraud, resulting in material cost savings for its customers.

The Arkose Labs SMS Toll Fraud online ROI calculator is easy to use and provides an instant report of bespoke results for each company.

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