GroupSense VIP Monitoring service enables enterprises to proactively protect executives

GroupSense’s VIP Monitoring service assesses and monitors high-profile individuals, executive identities, and their extended personal networks to detect exposure and threats, helping to prevent identity theft, fraud, ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

Most enterprises use DRPS to protect their brand; however, what most companies fail to realize is that all people in an organization – and especially executives – are part of the company’s brand, and thus, part of its attack surface.

Executives make attractive targets because they are vulnerable to clicking on phishing scams and other cyber-crimes and oversharing personal details on social media.

Threat actors can then use publicly accessible information about executives shared via social media to impersonate them or worse, learn about their travel, families or other information that could result in physical threats.

“VIP Monitoring capabilities are becoming more essential as threat actors increasingly target individuals at enterprises because they are fallible or even because they disagree with their ideas or actions,” said Kurtis Minder, CEO of GroupSense.

“Threat actors can use the information they learn about executives to execute a variety of crimes, including fraud, account takeover and spoofing – all of which can damage a company’s reputation just as much, if not more, than a typical data breach,” Minder continued.

GroupSense’s VIP Monitoring service begins with the creation of personal profiles of a company’s board of directors, corporate officers, and other VIPs, including names, addresses, social identities, personal markers and more.

GroupSense will then assess the executives’ current exposure on the surface and the deep and dark web to provide continuous monitoring of new and existing cyber threats. GroupSense also works closely with company security teams to identify risks related to travel destinations, as well as other physical threats to executives, their families and key staff.

Additionally, GroupSense provides data redaction services by conducting monthly audits of more than 50 data brokers to discover and remove exposed personal data.

GroupSense has many enterprise clients using the VIP Monitoring service, and recently detected negative social media posts pertaining to an executive client. The negative posts included commentary regarding the executive’s position at the company, accusations of both being an asset of a foreign country and of misdoings at former positions.

The primary concern was a statement made around the executive’s home address. GroupSense performed a detailed investigation and continues to monitor for any additional posts that may indicate a threat to the executive, which is extremely valuable to the client to help keep the executive protected.

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