Gem Security emerges from stealth and raises $11 million

Gem Security has emerged from stealth, launching its Cloud TDIR (Threat Detection, Investigation and Response) platform and announcing $11 million in seed funding led by Team8.

The adoption of cloud infrastructure is increasing and diversifying the attack surface for organizations. 90% of all organizations use more than one cloud provider.

As Gartner notes, the expansion in attack surface is rarely paralleled with coverage by detection and response initiatives, leaving organizations unaware of a variety of threat vectors. 79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach in the last 18 months, with 43% of companies reporting ten or more.

While there is no lack of solutions for detection and response, legacy approaches fall short of providing a solution for the cloud era. The proliferation of cloud services across infrastructure, platforms, and software has fragmented the security landscape. Collecting and correlating the explosion of associated telemetry is both challenging and inadequate.

Gem Security goes beyond this, helping organizations act on Gartner’s recommendation to implement a continuous, risk-based program to manage their threat exposure.

Gem Security offers a platform that leverages existing infrastructure and solutions while offering automated detection, investigation and response capabilities purposely-built for cloud environments.

Gem Security supports all major infrastructure platforms – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes. Furthermore, Gem’s platform integrates with leading platforms like identity providers, source code repositories and secrets managers, leveraging the additional data for context analysis. Gem Security is already working with companies ranging from mid-market to Fortune 500.

“Most cloud security solutions focus on building a wall that is as tall as possible to make sure the bad guys stay out. That sounds good in theory. In practice, however, no wall is ever going to be tall enough. We offer a more realistic approach, starting from the fact that cloud environments are and will remain imperfect. If it’s perfect, it’s only for five minutes, and then it’s going to be imperfect again.”, said Gem Security CEO Arie Zilberstein.

Minimizing the potential for intrusion is only half the story. When someone jumps over the wall, we don’t just raise an alarm. Gem’s platform will empower your team to find and stop the intruder, automating your incident response and ensuring there is no escalation. Where others end, we begin,” Zilberstein continued.

Zilberstein co-founded Gem Security with CTO Ron Konigsberg and VP Product Ofir Brukner. Gem’s founders are all security industry veterans, having spent years in the trenches responding to large-scale breaches in the cloud.

They previously held key roles in Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 as well as Sygnia, an Incident Response and cybersecurity company working with global top tier organizations.

Gem Security’s holistic approach for Cloud TDIR bridges the gap between security operations and cloud complexity.

Lessons learned from years of experience working in some of the most demanding cloud environments in the world have been leveraged in building Gem’s platform, enabling organizations to:

  • Prepare. Optimizing coverage via a continuous Cloud Incident Readiness dashboard
  • Detect. Combining real-time cloud-native threat detection based on TTPs (Tactics, Techniques & Procedures) and behavioral analytics
  • Investigate. Enriching context across the entirety of cloud infrastructure for instant root cause analysis
  • Respond. Isolating risks swiftly using cloud-native entity quarantine capabilities

“Gem is redefining the cloud security operations game”, said ADM Michael S. Rogers, Former Director of the NSA.

“Security organizations today struggle to find cloud experts, and the complexity of cloud environments is leaving teams blind to emerging attacks. Gem empowers security operations with a simple, automated, and efficient approach that allows organizations to respond faster and minimize the impact of attacks in the cloud,” Rogers continued.

“Cloud migration brings new opportunities to enterprises, but also entails quite a few challenges and risk, including the need to adapt existing solutions to the new cloud infrastructure” said Nadav Zafrir, Managing Partner at Team8 Group and former head of Israel’s technology Unit 8200.

“We are thrilled to team up with Gem’s talented founders, who have gained years of experience in incident response at Sygnia, our portfolio company, and to support their mission to build the next generation of cloud security. Gem’s unique platform offers a first-of-its-kind solution to deal with the inevitable attacks on cloud environments, and is based on an intuitive, automatic, and efficient approach that allows organizations to identify cloud security events in real-time; investigate them based on behavior analysis and threat intelligence; respond quickly, and enable isolation of the threat. All this – to minimize the impact of cloud attacks,” Zafrir concluded.

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