Deloitte and Cyberbit partner to improve cyber readiness across industries

Deloitte EMEA-LATAM Cybersphere Center (ECC) and Cyberbit have announced a strategic partnership that will drive cyber readiness across industries by focusing on the human element of cybersecurity.

Cyberbit delivers a holistic approach to developing cyber readiness that emphasizes the human element of cyber defense, not just the technology and tools.

The platform includes the hyper realistic cyber range, which gives cyber defense teams the opportunity to practice against simulated real-world cyber-attacks in a virtual security operations center.

Teams practice in enterprise-grade networks using real-world security tools, giving them the hands-on experience they need to successfully respond to cyber threats.

The enhanced services enabled by the Cyberbit platform cover the entire cyber readiness life cycle: experiential learning in cyber labs and ranges, team and individual performance assessment in real-world scenarios, and a crisis simulation experience that allows the executive suite and the defense team to collaborate incident response in simulated real-world crises.

With the crisis simulator, Deloitte can better prepare management teams, including CEOs CFOs, CISOs, CIOs, legal and public relations departments and more, for cyber crises by improving their decision-making skills and testing their crisis response playbooks.

As a result of the Deloitte ECC-Cyberbit partnership, Deloitte ECC will bring greater value to its customers in cyber strategy services with focus on cyber skills development and training, cyber resource ramp-up, assessment capabilities, and end-to end threat readiness testing.

Deloitte is dedicated to delivering skills development to its clients that reduces risks and strengthens cyber readiness.

The Cyberbit platform supports this strategy by allowing Deloitte to offer an advanced, forward-looking solution that meets the complex and varied cyber risk management challenges of today.

“We are very excited to partner with Deloitte ECC as its cybersecurity skill development solution in its powerful portfolio of solutions offerings,” said Adi Dar of Cyberbit.

“The partnership will allow Deloitte to help its customers leverage the Cyberbit platform to better protect their assets, improve their cyber readiness levels, and reduce business risks,” Dar concluded.

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