Contrast Security adds Microsoft Azure Functions support to evaluate serverless risks

Contrast Security expands Contrast Serverless Application Security offering to support Microsoft Azure Functions and enable customers to scan for security vulnerabilities on multi-cloud environments.

Organizations are rapidly adopting serverless and cloud-native development due to their inherent benefits. However, companies struggle to understand what applications are fully secured due to public cloud providers’ “shared responsibility security model,” especially if they’re leveraging multi-cloud IT strategies.

According to the Forrester Avoid The Security Inconsistency Pitfalls Transitioning To Serverless 2022 report, “data shows 74% of infrastructure decision-makers at firms that are adopting public cloud use two or more public clouds and 17% are using five or more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 82% of cloud users have experienced security events due to confusion over shared responsibility security models.”

Contrast Serverless meets the demands of organizations requiring a new security tooling purposely built to evaluate serverless risks while protecting against common vulnerabilities (CVEs), detecting misconfigurations and uncovering user privilege issues within a single interface.

“With the tremendous adoption of Microsoft Azure Functions by customers around the globe, we’re glad to see a partner like Contrast Security deliver a modern approach to help those organizations optimize their serverless security,” said Tony Surma, CTO, US Partners, Microsoft. “Supporting proper permissions settings and uncovering vulnerable code with suggested remediation is an essential part of a secure modern application platform.”

With the addition of Microsoft Azure Functions support, organizations will be able to evaluate their serverless application risk on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft platforms from a single offering, as well as other benefits including:

  • Complete visibility of cloud-native serverless functions within the application to enable AppSec team to monitor the organization’s serverless posture at all times.
  • Statically scan for vulnerabilities in open source dependencies used within applications and custom code.
  • Detect misconfigurations.
  • Uncover least privilege issues based on Microsoft Azure function policy roles and active directory configurations.
  • Generate a contextual Microsoft Azure Functions risk score based on the above methods enabling teams to address the highest risk issues first.
  • Ability to apply remediation on function code both in AWS and/or Microsoft Azure environments.

“The ability to analyze access permissions, evaluate the security posture of open source components and identify attack surfaces together provides organizations with the context and precision needed to assess serverless application security risks. This combined with the added benefit of uncovering high-priority issues during the development process – and not after the fact when the application has already been made publicly available – is a unique value delivered by Contrast,” said Steven Phillips, VP of Product Marketing at Contrast Security. “Developers can now efficiently secure cloud-native applications and take advantage of best-of-breed offerings from multiple hyper-scale cloud providers.”

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