ReasonLabs FamilyKeeper enables parents to monitor social media conversations

ReasonLabs FamilyKeeper parental control app helps make parenting easier in the digital world by equipping parents with the tools they need to protect their kids online.

Data shows that kids face numerous significant risks online. For example:

  • 51% of teenagers think they’re addicted to their phones
  • 59% of U.S. teens have been bullied, threatened, or harassed online
  • 11% of children have watched pornography by the time they are nine years
  • 19% of young people wake up at night to check their social media profiles
  • 25% of children who were victims of sextortion were 13 or younger when threatened

FamilyKeeper, an AI-powered app synced to both the parent’s and child’s devices, seeks to address these risks by providing parents with a comprehensive suite of tools and educational content.

The app enables parents to monitor social media chats and track their child’s location; filters content to ensure kids aren’t exposed to anything inappropriate or harmful; and aids parents in addressing screen addiction by limiting their kids’ time on their devices.

FamilyKeeper also offers educational content, providing tips and best practices on how to mitigate kids’ exposure to harmful online content and guidance on how to talk to kids about navigating challenging digital spaces.

“FamilyKeeper provides parents the essential tools they need to protect their children in cyberspace better,” said Kobi Kalif, CEO of ReasonLabs.

“Kids today are spending more time online than ever, and as online platforms—from social media to gaming, and more—continue to rapidly evolve, it’s a constant challenge for parents to ensure their kids are protected. This launch of FamilyKeeper further cements ReasonLabs as leaders within the consumer cybersecurity space focused on delivering enterprise-grade protection to home users worldwide,” Kalif continued.

“This generation of parents face challenges that previous generations never had to worry about,” said Einav Noy Haber, VP of Parental Control at ReasonLabs.

“FamilyKeeper equips parents with the tools they need to make sure their kids are safe in increasingly complex and ever-changing digital environments. With geolocation, screen time scheduling, and keyword monitoring, FamilyKeeper addresses safety issues facing families in their navigation of the digital world. We then provide solutions for the different scenarios that kids and parents may face by sharing alerts, tips, and advice from digital parenting experts,” Haber added.

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