Fastly Managed Security Service protects enterprises from web application attacks

Fastly introduced Fastly Managed Security Service, a service for threat detection and response available around the clock, aimed at assisting businesses in mitigating the risk of web application attacks and minimizing the costs incurred due to lost transactions.

Fastly Managed Security Service

Available to Fastly’s global Next-Gen WAF customers, Fastly Managed Security Service further demonstrates the company’s commitment to helping global marquee customers deliver innovative, secure digital experiences to their users.

Web applications continue to be popular targets for today’s attackers. In fact, according to the Verizon 2022 DBIR, web applications are the number one vector, and not surprisingly, they are also connected to the high number of Denial of Service attacks. This pairing, along with the growing use of stolen credentials (commonly targeting some form of web application) is consistent with what we’ve seen for the past few years.

Existing security teams are spread thin and don’t always have the expertise or time to continuously monitor and detect these types of threats. Organizations can deploy Fastly Next-Gen WAF for accurate protection, and now they can further enhance this protection with Fastly’s Managed Security Service.

“Today’s defenders face an uphill battle against cyber adversaries due to an exploding attack surface and increasing volumetric attacks, particularly DDoS attacks. At the same time, security teams want to reduce complexity and prioritize their resources,” said Gino Lang, VP of Customer Security, Fastly. “By providing global 24/7 proactive protection, Fastly Managed Security Service delivers comprehensive visibility and the expert staff needed to quickly identify and mitigate potential threats. This frees up organizations to focus their security staff on other business priorities.”

This latest announcement builds on the success of Fastly’s Response Security Service and other security offerings. “Fastly’s decision to extend its next-generation security capabilities to offer a managed security service is a natural evolution and reconfirms the company’s commitment to protecting organizations from today’s agile and persistent adversaries,” said Christopher Rodriguez, IDC Research Director, Security & Trust.

About Fastly Managed Security Service

Fastly Managed Security Service is a premium offering that provides Fastly Next-Gen WAF customers with continuous monitoring and proactive mitigation of web-application attacks, all backed by a 15-minute response time SLA for critical security incidents.

Staffed 24/7 by Fastly’s global Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC), this service enables in-house teams to improve their overall security posture and focus on their core competencies, strategic initiatives, and high-impact projects.

Fastly’s Managed Security Service is now available to Fastly Next-Gen WAF customers.

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