Fingerprint collaborates with Spec to help businesses combat fraud

Spec and Fingerprint joined forces to provide companies with an solution that tackles fraud while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

By integrating Fingerprint’s device identification technology into its no-code Trust Cloud platform, Spec can now offer its customers accuracy in identifying devices and browsers.

“Accurate device identification is getting increasingly harder – cookies, local storage, and IP address are no longer sufficient to recognize returning visitors. Fingerprint’s device identification platform solves this by identifying visitors across multiple touchpoints with extremely high accuracy,” said Chris Metzger, Head of Partnerships at Fingerprint.

“To help address evolving customer requirements, Fingerprint is partnering with leading solution providers in identity, authentication, fraud, security orchestration, payments, and marketing. We’re thrilled to join our capabilities with Spec’s cutting-edge no-code orchestration and user journey management platform to power frictionless, secure consumer experiences,” added Metzger.

Fingerprint’s device identification platform identifies visitors even when they attempt to conceal their identity online via incognito browsing, VPNs, and privacy and cookie-blocking browser settings. Providing a complete view of all users across web and mobile devices — whether or not they are logged in or concealing their identity — enables companies to build best-in-class fraud detection and user experiences.

By integrating Fingerprint with Spec’s Trust Cloud Platform, Spec and Fingerprint help world-class businesses provide a powerful, secure digital experience that reduces friction for end users and helps stop fraud.

“At Spec, we’re shaping customer experiences and core commercial flows, and security is a top priority on our platform,” said Patrick Chen, Spec COO. “The complexity of device identification continues to multiply for customers, as browser and operating systems change frequently and consumers constantly toggle privacy settings. We’re thrilled to partner with Fingerprint to add yet another layer of detection and protection.”

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