Persona Graph proactively surfaces and blocks hidden fraud rings

Persona has launched Graph to help businesses stop online identity fraud.

Persona Graph

Leveraging advanced link analysis technology and a configurable query, Graph detects risky connections between users, enabling organizations to uncover and proactively block hard-to-detect fraud.

Risk and compliance teams now have expert-level investigation capabilities to spot fraudsters and bad actors at scale, more quickly adapt to evolving fraud techniques, and stop incidents before they happen and take real-time action—all without requiring heavy engineering resources.

“As a business grows, so does the risk and scale of fraud,” said Rick Song, CEO, Persona.

“Stopping one fraudster is one thing, but fending off hundreds and thousands of hard to identify fraud at once can overwhelm your team and cripple your business. And most companies lack the resources and technology to connect the dots between suspicious account activity, which means they can’t take action to block them all at once. Graph links an exposes multiple degrees of connections to stop mass fraud before it impacts an organization’s bottom line,” Song continued.

Graph is a fraud investigation tool that pairs identity data with sophisticated link analysis to fight fraud at scale. Companies can easily investigate Persona-collected data as well as bring in their own proprietary data into Graph, allowing them to automatically connect the dots between identity data points in order to assess the threat of the fraud ring.

This in turn, reduces the operational overhead of fighting fraud manually, and obviates the need for additional engineering resources to consolidate data and build in-house tools.

Persona Graph benefits and features

  • Automatic clustering: Surface risky connections between user accounts to investigate and block account sharing, promo abuse, and other 3rd party identity fraud
  • React to fraud faster: Build automated workflows to proactively block fraud rings. Add confirmed signals to blocklists in one click. Set up alerts for fraud spikes via Slack, email, and dashboard
  • Start investigating immediately: Graph uses a highly configurable, no-code query editor paired with simple implementation
  • Deeper investigation: Unlike traditional tools, Graph’s fast performance unlocks the ability to investigate connections that are multiple degrees away so you can quantify the reach of the fraud ring
  • Custom properties: Investigate the data that matters most to your business by layering on imported internal data or 3rd party data for link analysis

“It’s not enough to retroactively examine fraud patterns after the damage has already been done,” David Kim, Compliance Manager at nWay.

“The biggest advantage of Graph is that we can proactively block fraud before it happens. So we’re going from more reactive to proactive. And from a compliance perspective, that’s a home run,” Kim concluded.

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