1Password Unlock with SSO helps enterprises secure their employees

1Password has launched Unlock with Single Sign-On (SSO) which enables enterprise customers to use Okta for unlocking their 1Password accounts, with Azure AD and Duo integration to follow in the coming months.

1Password Unlock with SSO

Unlock with SSO helps IT teams improve their security posture while reducing daily login hassles and stress for employees.

“Securing employees at scale is no small task. At 1Password, we believe that the foundation of enterprise security is secure employees, and we’re driven by the principle that the safe thing must be easy by default,” said Steve Won, CPO at 1Password. “SSO plays a central role in enterprise security. Unlock with SSO was designed with a trusted device model, so that even if a user’s identity provider credentials are compromised, 1Password ensures attackers won’t be able to access customers’ vault.”

“1Password’s deepening integration with Okta has given our customers a more user-friendly way to adhere to security best practices for every kind of authentication event – and more importantly, without disruption to their productivity,” said Matt Egan, Director of Technical Strategy at Okta.

“By pairing our industry-leading identity platform with 1Password’s enterprise password management, businesses are able to streamline and secure how employees access their 1Password vaults. And, by using Okta as their single sign-on provider for 1Password, enterprises will have new ways to enforce company-wide authentication policies to help ensure a culture of security across the organization,” added Egan.

In a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study published today and commissioned by 1Password, Forrester Consulting found that a composite organization comprised of enterprises with experience using 1Password saw a 206% return on investment (ROI), with a benefit of $1.3 million over three years. The ROI is most clearly seen in employee and IT productivity and efficiency, which Unlock with SSO further supports.

Unlock with SSO is designed to integrate with existing workflows and help enterprises secure their employees across any authentication method of their choice. Fully integrated solutions, like 1Password, aggregate authentication into one place to complete an organization’s security architecture.

Unlock 1Password with your SSO identity provider: Vaults can now be unlocked with a single click via SSO, with zero-knowledge architecture and end-to-end encryption.

Automatically provision and deprovision employees: Streamline deployment with the 1Password SCIM bridge connection, now integrated with Okta, Google Workspace and OneLogin, with Azure AD and Duo to come in the coming months.

Secure more than just logins: Use 1Password to store and share any business secrets including credit cards, passkeys, SSH keys, shared identities and sensitive documents.

Set customizable, fine-grained permissions and access controls: Ensure the right level of access for new and existing employees, and enforce firewall and multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies, geographic zone restrictions and other best practices.

“At Intercom, we have certain security policies where we only want to provide authorized employees and trusted devices with access to our sensitive systems. By leveraging 1Password’s new SSO integration with Okta, we’re able to change or revoke access to 1Password accounts using the strong, adaptive authentication policies we’ve created in Okta,” said Emanuele Sparvoli, Director of IT at Intercom. “1Password is an integral part of Intercom’s security infrastructure because of the enterprise-level security it offers our employees, and the way it enables their daily work rather than hindering it. Given that so many of our technology tools support SSO with Okta, integrating 1Password is the obvious choice for enterprises like us.”

On the heels of recent product announcements to further support enterprises – including Admin Dashboard, Insights from 1Password and a preview of unlocking 1Password with passkeys – Unlock with SSO is now available to 1Password Business customers.

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