SecurityScorecard and ILTA join forces to create a cyber resilient legal community

SecurityScorecard has unveiled a strategic partnership with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) to provide ILTA members with enterprise licenses to monitor their own organization and a portfolio of vendors, partners, or clients.

“SecurityScorecard is committed to helping the global legal community be more secure and cyber resilient,” said Owen Denby, General Counsel at SecurityScorecard.

“Supporting ILTA members with greater self-monitoring and vendor risk management capabilities will help greatly reduce the cyber risk faced by legal organizations worldwide and their clients,” Denby added.

Through this partnership, SecurityScorecard will reach more than 25,000 international legal technology professionals and their firms. SecurityScorecard’s platform monitors security risk through a combination of comprehensive security ratings, advanced analytics, and actionable insights.

SecurityScorecard also provides cyber resilience services that allow customers to battle-test their security controls and respond confidently to a cyber-attack with trusted industry-leading experts.

“ILTA is pleased to welcome SecurityScorecard as a business partner. SecurityScorecard’s market-leading services will provide ILTAns with the visibility, data, and insights they need to instantly enhance their security posture,” said Joy Heath Rush, CEO of ILTA.

The sensitive nature and wide variety of data stored by law firms has left legal departments susceptible to a wide range of cyberattacks that have increased exponentially over the past few years, exposing the data of hundreds of thousands of clients and exposing members of this community to reputational damage and regulatory fines.

“The legal community has become an increasingly lucrative target for threat actors,” continued Denby.

“Our partnership with ILTA will empower more legal professionals around the world to strengthen their cyber health, reduce vulnerabilities within their vendor ecosystem, and procure adequate cyber insurance,” Denby concluded.

Many law firms have specialty cyber security and privacy attorneys who participate on panels for cyber insurance carriers and brokers, so it is even more important for law firms to implement the same cyber security protocols of which they advise their insured clients.

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