SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management reduces third-party risk

SailPoint Technologies has rolled out a new non-employee risk management capability based on the company’s January 2023 acquisition of SecZetta. The SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management solution is available now as an add-on to the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud.

The new SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management solution allows organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for non-employees. This growing non-employee population today includes a range of identities including contractors, third-party partners, suppliers and even non-human bots.

By leveraging AI-driven identity security, enterprises can ensure that applications and data are secure by granting third-party access to only the right identities at the right time.

This increases operational efficiency in managing the complex relationships that organizations have with non-employees while also supporting regulatory compliance requirements and reducing third-party risk.

“We’re big believers in delivering on our promises to customers, and that certainly includes how we create and drive new value,” said Matt Mills, President of Worldwide Field Operations for SailPoint.

“Our intent behind the recent acquisition of SecZetta was to quickly bring to market an important and emerging piece of the identity security puzzle: a comprehensive way to properly secure the slew of non-employee identities that so many organizations now employ,” Mills added.

“Now, customers can be prescriptive and thoughtful in how they approach governance across both employee and non-employee identity populations,” continued Mills.

“Expect to see us continue to flex this operational muscle as we grow and evolve our comprehensive approach to identity security – building or buying technology that fits immediate customer needs and quickly bringing it to market to benefit our global customer base,” he added.

“SailPoint’s new non-employee risk management capability will give us broad oversight into all our identities and their technology needs, including better visibility into and management of our growing non-employee population, all from a single platform,” said Dane Paulsen, IT Manager, Nelnet.

“We’ll now have a critical layer of identity risk management and overall governance needed to fully validate non-employees and their access across our business,” Paulsen concluded.

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