Verosint partners with Ping Identity to detect and block account fraud

Verosint and Ping Identity partnership enables mutual customers to analyze digital identities across devices at login to determine account fraud risk.

Recognized customers are granted a frictionless transaction path, whereas suspicious users are automatically challenged or blocked to prevent fraudulent behavior.

Verosint joins a growing network of technology partners developing integrations with PingOne DaVinci through the Ping Identity Global Technology Partner Program. Partner solutions that integrate with DaVinci deliver an improved customer experience in a fraction of the time, through easy drag-and-drop design of digital user journeys across multiple applications and ecosystems.

Organizations can use the Verosint connector in their DaVinci flow to evaluate digital identities using verified open source intelligence (OSINT) from millions of data points, behavioral analytics, and user fingerprinting, all from the DaVinci administrative tool.

Using no-code integration, Verosint scores the user and works with DaVinci to orchestrate multi-factor authentication (MFA) flows based on risk.

“Online businesses are seeing a dramatic increase in account fraud, including fake or synthetic accounts, bots, account takeovers, and shared accounts,” said Travis Favaron, VP of product at Verosint.

“With the Verosint integration, the DaVinci platform can now detect and block account fraud before it causes downstream damage. Stopping account fraud at login can have a material impact on a business and its bottom line,” Favaron continued.

“Ping Identity is committed to expanding our technology partner ecosystem to deliver better, more frictionless customer experiences,” said Loren Russon, the SVP of product management at Ping Identity.

“Our partnership with Verosint leverages DaVinci’s seamless orchestration to ensure dynamic user journeys are delivered quickly and efficiently at every stage of the user journey,” Russon concluded.

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