HackNotice Actions helps people to understand the extent of their data exposure

HackNotice is offering additional tailored protection via its new service, HackNotice Actions.

HackNotice Actions

Further empowering employees, HackNotice Actions reaches out to any company where a person’s PII or other data has been compromised, and asks for a full report on or erasure of the person’s data, in addition to other functionalities.

Specifically, HackNotice Actions sends an official email on the user’s behalf to compromised companies, which asks for a full report on exposed information and, if needed, for the impacted individual’s data to be deleted.

Through this, HackNotice Actions provides a new, robust level of security empowerment, making it easy for people to understand the extent of their data exposure and to ensure that their data is removed when a service is no longer used. Maintaining consumer privacy has never been easier.

HackNotice Actions also provides a consolidated view where users can see their actions, track reply status, and be rewarded for positive security steps.

“If you have ever been affected by a breach, you know how long it takes for companies to disclose how and what data was exposed,” said Steve Thomas, CEO of HackNotice.

“Previously, people were in the dark about how to request information from companies and how to ask for their data to be removed. Now, HackNotice gives people that ability. With HackNotice Actions, protecting your privacy and data has never been easier,” he added.

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