Certa collaborates with ID-Pal to simplify third-party onboarding

Certa, has unveiled its official partnership with ID-Pal. Using a blend of biometric, document, and database checks, ID-Pal’s solution will enable Certa customers to verify the identity of third-party contacts in real time, all seamlessly integrated and orchestrated into a client’s workflow.

“Our mission has always been to help businesses onboard customers, suppliers, sellers, partners, etc., quickly, effectively, and with transparency at every step,” said Jag Lamba, CEO of Certa.

“Through our partnership with ID-Pal, we are granting our customers even greater transparency while speeding and simplifying risk mitigation during the onboarding process,” Lamba added.

Certa’s software automates and orchestrates complex workflows across third-party risk and compliance use cases. ID-Pal leverages automated decisioning and smart workflows to deliver accuracy in identity verification outcomes, all with data protection compliance built in.

Together, this joint solution helps customers quickly and securely verify third-party identities delivering comprehensive 3P risk and fraud controls (example – verification prior to AP contact info or banking account changes are made to mitigate payment fraud).

“We’re excited to be working with Certa, which is setting the standards in automated procurement and compliance,” said Colum Lyons, CEO of ID-Pal.

“At ID-Pal we’re equally passionate about making the process to verify identities seamless, simple and secure and we look forward to delivering these efficiencies to Certa’s customers globally,” Lyons concluded.

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