BigID’s data minimization capabilities enable organizations to identify duplicate data

BigID launched ML-powered solution for finding duplicate and similar data content.

BigID's data minimization

The innovative technology uses AI to locate both similar and duplicate data on any data set, enabling organizations to identify duplicate data as well as redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data.

These transformative capabilities mean that organizations can reduce their storage cost, accelerate compliance, and improve cybersecurity across their environment.

Duplicate and redundant data are a treasure trove for cybercriminals – exponentially increasing the risk of data leaks, data breaches, and compromised data. By reducing the attack surface and reducing duplicate and redundant data, organizations can improve their system hygiene, reduce insider risk, and get more value from their data.

With BigID’s data minimization and cleanup capabilities, organizations can now automatically find duplicate data quickly and delete it in accordance with retention policies – enabling full data lifecycle management across all of their data, everywhere. This not only helps reduce risk and improve security posture, but also saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually sorting through large amounts of data.

With BigID’s data minimization capabilities, organizations can:

  • Accurately identify duplicate, similar, and redundant data
  • Automatically discover dark data and shadow data
  • Manage and de-risk their data by type, sensitivity, and policy
  • Implement data retention and remediate duplicate, sensitive, and redundant data
  • Deleted data that’s no longer needed
  • Streamline data lifecycle management from collection to destruction

“Data minimization is critical to any data management strategy, and BigID’s ML-powered solution makes it easier and faster than ever before,” said Dimitri Sirota, CEO of BigID. “By automating the process of identifying and deleting duplicate data, we’re helping our customers reduce their risk and improve their overall security posture.”

The ML-powered solution is a key component of BigID’s comprehensive data management platform, which provides a range of capabilities including data discovery, classification, compliance, risk management, privacy, and governance.

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