Cynalytica OTNetGuard provides visibility into critical infrastructure networks

Cynalytica has launced its Industrial Control System (ICS/SCADA) monitoring sensor, OTNetGuard, that passively and securely captures analog, serial, and IP communications closing the capabilities gap in complete monitoring of OT networks.

Cynalytica OTNetGuard

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks targeting OT networks, monitoring and protecting critical infrastructure systems has never been more critical. OTNetGuard represents a step forward in industrial cybersecurity, providing insight into Industrial Control Systems communications.

OTNetGuard provides optional secure wireless backhaul capabilities for organizations that need to monitor remote or difficult-to-access locations. This also makes it an ideal platform for zero trust network architectures for OT environments, enabling organizations to maintain a high level of out-of-band situational awareness of potential cyber-physical threats and operational anomalies.

“OTNetGuard is transformative for industrial control operations,” said Richard Robinson, CEO of Cynalytica, “by now having the ability to monitor all communications, organizations can establish a complete baseline of behavior and quickly identify any deviations from that baseline. This allows them to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, before they can cause significant damage or harm.”

OTNetGuard Platform offers a range of features:

  • Real-time capture and monitoring of analog, serial, and IP communications.
  • Easy integration: The platform can be easily integrated into existing third-party SIEM, SOAR or GRC platforms, providing a seamless and cost-effective tool for improving cyber-physical operations.
  • Advanced analytics: The OTNetGuard provides advanced analytics, forensics and alerting, allowing organizations to gain insights into potential cyber-physical events and improve their operational and defense strategies.

“OTNetGuard is designed to provide comprehensive visibility into critical infrastructure networks, allowing organizations to quickly identify and respond to cyber threats. By incorporating advanced analytics, we’re able to deliver real-time insights and actionable intelligence, helping our customers stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.” said Jessica Ohnona, EVP – Data Science & Analytics of Cynalytica.

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