Daon brings IdentityX to healthcare industry

Daon is expanding its IdentityX to the healthcare industry to enable organizations to safeguard identities for providers, staff, and patients.

As the healthcare industry continues to digitize sensitive healthcare online information, cyber attacks increase and new regulations are established, Daon’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-compliant solutions will reduce fraud for healthcare workers and staff, digital health app providers, and patients.

Daon IdentityX provides identity proofing and authentication solutions for every touchpoint – patient care, medical record access, health portal access, claims management, contact center and smartphone apps – ensuring greater patient engagement while improving revenue cycles.

“The 21st Century Cures Act has opened doors for much-needed technology innovation in the healthcare industry which in turn requires more advanced security. Because healthcare data is among the most personal, companies need sophisticated identity management solutions,” said Conor White, president of new industries at Daon.

“Healthcare is often associated with complicated, cumbersome processes. Our solutions increase the security of very personal data while reducing the friction that can cause confusion, concerns, and delays in the patient experience,” White added.

The benefits of increased accessibility to medical information online bring new opportunities for fraud, including identity theft, false insurance claims or billing, and improper diagnosis. According to TransUnion, in Q4 of 2022, medical identity theft was the most common type of fraud risk among public sector areas, as more than 14 million individuals had their information exposed.

While patients need their identity to be secure, they also expect their medical information to be accessible across different access points, from the doctor’s office to their insurance portal to the pharmacy. Daon’s solutions deliver powerful protection, while making it easier for people to access health services online throughout patient engagement.

Daon has also partnered with a company that provides automated retail management solutions to unveil an automated vending machine solution for controlled products, with the potential to reimagine the pharmacies of the future.

Daon’s proprietary software is built into a dispensing machine to validate age and identity digitally. A patient will verify themselves via Daon patented software, and the vending machine will release an age- or identity-controlled product.

The use cases for this solution cover many instances including 24/7 prescription pickup services via a secure & verified patient identity at retail stores, significant reduction of pharmacy store operating costs, and validated drug dispensing at hospitals and clinics with a secure biometric ID.

Daon solutions for the healthcare industry provide:

  • Verification and authentication to access medical records and payment details
  • Passwordless authentication to secure medical records and improve patient experience
  • Streamlined access to prescriptions and virtual medical care
  • Remote onboarding of new healthcare workers/staff to ensure their credentials are valid and verify identity
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