UltraViolet Cyber launches to address the ever-expanding cyber threat

UltraViolet Cyber has unveiled its launch to provide organizations across the globe with a streamlined approach to address the ever-expanding cyber threat.

Created through the combination of four pioneering firms — Metmox, Mosaic451, Stage 2 Security, and W@tchTower — UltraViolet Cyber brings together decades of expertise and experience at the forefront of security operations to enable organizations to access the full spectrum of managed security operations capabilities.

“As cyber threats continue to increase, too many organizations still rely on disparate and disconnected solutions to shore up their defenses and manage cyber incidents,” said George McKenzie, CEO of UltraViolet Cyber.

“This is a radically new approach that unifies those solutions — creating a one-stop unified security operations offering that can manage both offensive (Red) and defensive (Blue) strategies into one UltraViolet strategy to keep organizations safe. Through this unification of Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming, we’ve created a platform-enabled offering that delivers secure outcomes to our clients. Our focus is reducing demonstrable risk and enabling companies to focus on their core business,” McKenzie continued.

The company’s launch comes at a time of growing national attention to cyber threats, including the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, which aims to implement a coordinated approach to securing the country’s digital ecosystem.

UltraViolet Cyber is supporting this approach through its approach to unified security operations, combining the power of people with a cloud-native, microservices platform architecture. With the country’s pressing cyber talent shortage, UltraViolet is excited to announce a new effort to close this gap.

“The challenges facing the cybersecurity industry stem from two root causes: the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, and a persistent lack of skilled talent in the field,” said Aanand Radia, Managing Director at Achieve Partners.

“UltraViolet Cyber is proving that it’s possible to address both of those challenges at once by bringing together a uniquely holistic approach to security with a commitment to new models of training that can close the cyber skills gap,” Radia added.

As an Achieve Partners portfolio company, UltraViolet Cyber prepares entry-level talent to succeed in cybersecurity careers by not only providing training, but also facilitating career launch for apprentices to positions at UltraViolet and UltraViolet clients.

The shortage of qualified personnel in the cybersecurity industry is a global problem, and businesses are struggling to address the evolving threats posed by cybercriminals. Addressing the cybersecurity talent gap is crucial to ensure that organizations can adequately protect themselves from cyber threats and safeguard their data and information systems.

“Most organizations still operate a legacy Detection and Response program that focuses primarily on defense,” said Ira Goldstein, Executive Chairman of UltraViolet Cyber.

“Addressing the relentless cyber threat requires a unified approach to offensive and defensive Security Operations — a combination that is UltraViolet Cyber’s defining feature,” Goldstein concluded.

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