Daon unveils TrustX platform for identity proofing and authentication

Daon has unveiled TrustX, its next-generation cloud-based platform for identity proofing and authentication to support the creation and deployment of user journeys across their entire digital identity lifecycle.

Daon TrustX is optimized by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in order to reduce fraud and minimize friction in the customer experience, thereby providing the foundation for identity continuity.

TrustX provides businesses with the tools to build, deploy, assess, monitor, and modify the digital identity journeys of their customers, including verification, and authentication, while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

The platform offers a no-code, drag-and-drop orchestration layer, giving customers the ability to create new workflows or customize pre-built workflows to their needs. Customers can also leverage a new dashboard with a built-in reporting system to enable data-driven decision-making.

In today’s market, businesses confront a growing and exponentially expanding fraud threat. Whether it is lax consumer behavior surrounding passwords or legacy security technology, bad actors are waiting to exploit any security vulnerability in their online systems, making this a crucial time for organizations to strengthen the technologies that enable the customer identity experience.

“Businesses must invest in new security platforms that enable them to respond rapidly to changing business requirements and proactively manage the identities of their consumers throughout the entire digital identity journey,” said Ralph Rodriguez, CPO at Daon.

“TrustX will make it fast and easy for customers to orchestrate user journeys without coding (no-code). Powered by the knowledge and technology from Daon’s 20+ years of innovation in the biometrics industry and leveraging over 160+ related Daon patents, our AI and ML matching engine brings to market a true world-class SaaS identity platform,” Rodriguez continued.

Built to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), TrustX takes advantage of service elasticity and the variety of deployment options offered. TrustX is designed to be scalable to support global entities and enables regional compliance and sovereignty requirements in regard to where data is processed and stored.

TrustX as a true SaaS offering is fully managed by Daon, so customers can focus on their business, not managing the underlying application infrastructure.

“Detecting fraud in digital channels remains a critical challenge for most organizations notably those focused on banking and digital commerce. The convergence of fraud detection, identity proofing and authentication represents a market opportunity for a comprehensive approach to securing digital channels,” stated in a Gartner report authored by Akif Khan, VP analyst. “The orchestration of these complementary activities is a strategic consideration – with many vendors now offering a range of orchestration capabilities. ”

Key features and benefits of TrustX include:

  • Seamless identity continuity: Provides a seamless integration between authentication and verification processes, allowing customers to build and update verification and authentication workflows.
  • Fast and easy user journey deployments: Leveraging an orchestration layer where the customers can develop, test, and deploy their verification and authentication processes with minimal technical skills.
  • Templatized development approach: Includes a number of user journey reference designs/templates which can be customized for your customer’s needs.
  • Built-in compliance: Consent module leverages privacy-by-design principles to ensure compliance with state and Government privacy laws thus protecting all parties (consumers and organizations).
  • Back-end inter-operability: Supports an open API, which provides connectivity to a variety of popular 3rd party software offerings.
  • Intuitive Admin console: Provides instant feedback on workflow processes and allows for custom reporting from process to individual customer analytics.
  • Flexible SaaS hosting: Developed to provide all the benefits of a modern cloud service (AWS) and take advantage of service elasticity, an array of hosting options, and security enhancements.
  • Auto-updates: Designed to deliver continuous improvements real-time, which means that updates and new features can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

For Daon customers looking to maintain their use of Daon’s on-premise solution, Daon IdentityX will continue to be supported and available.

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