NICE Actimize launches SAM-10 to detect suspicious activity while reducing false positives

NICE Actimize has launched its Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM-10) solution. Built to detect more suspicious activity while reducing false positives, NICE Actimize’s SAM-10 introduces enhancements to its anti-money laundering solution, incorporating multiple layers of defense which strengthen the others and offer comprehensive coverage and detection of suspicious activity for financial institutions.

Part of NICE Actimize’s Anti-Money Laundering suite of solutions, the new SAM-10 solution’s entity-centric AML approach delivers data to enrich profiles and multiple layers to segment, monitor, and ensure that only true suspicious activity is identified. With SAM-10, suspicious activity can be intricately understood, accurately monitored, and detected more quickly.

NICE Actimize’s SAM-10 also offers next-generation analytics, including machine learning for advanced anomaly detection, model optimization, and network risk analytics, detecting suspicious relationships and transaction patterns accurately.

“NICE Actimize’s unique, multilayered approach is a true industry differentiator that brings transaction monitoring to the next level. For financial institutions to be more effective, monitoring technology that explores relationships with connected parties, understands suspicious connections, and accurately follows the flows of funds has become increasingly important,” said Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize.

With its collective intelligence capability, SAM-10 optimizes detection thresholds. It can quickly develop new models based on industry-wide learnings, with all artifacts delivered for easy explainability and model risk management reviews.

While increasing the identification of suspicious activity, SAM-10 supports regulatory compliance and improves alignment to a risk-based approach to transaction monitoring. This approach means fewer false positives and more meaningful, truly suspicious alerts so that investigation teams can focus their efforts on risk.

Other benefits of NICE Actimize’s SAM-10 Suspicious Activity Monitoring solution include:

  • Enhanced coverage: With NICE Actimize’s extensive catalog of detection models, advanced analytics, and network risk detection, SAM-10 extends and enhances detection coverage across all industry verticals, especially in helping identify suspicious connections between transaction counterparties using new network risk analysis detection.
  • Faster investigations: Improved entity insights provide richer information and improved UI. The solution also offers network exploration capabilities for a visual understanding of relationships.
  • Flexible deployment: Deployment options include on-premise or SaaS.

Exploring network relationships down to granular information on connections, investigators are provided with all the tools and knowledge required to make a highly accurate judgment on any suspicious activity and act accordingly.

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