Orange Cyberdefense strengthens position in healthcare security sector

Orange Cyberdefense has been selected to carry out cyber crisis management exercises by the GIP SESAN (Groupement Régional d’Appui au Développement de l’eSanté d’Île-de-France) and by CAIH (Centrale d’Achat de l’Informatique Hospitalière) to support healthcare players in the region.

These two entities support nearly 4,000 members (health structures, health and medico-social establishments, public or private non-profit) in the field of digital technology.

In recent years, hospitals have been particularly affected by cyber attacks. Two years ago, the ANSSI revealed an average of one incident per week with these targets, which are characterised by more complex security issues than in other sectors and sensitive data that is easier to sell on the Darknet.

In this context, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health has asked institutions to strengthen their prevention and response measures to threats via a dedicated funding plan.

The objective is to train all the actors of the sector (management, professions, doctors, IT departments) through crisis management simulations of cyber origin. Priority establishments (OSE, OIV) must carry out these exercises by May 2023.

Professionals in cyber crisis management

Orange Cyberdefense’s team has extensive experience in cyber crisis management. Over the year 2022, it has organised nearly one hundred crisis simulation exercises, training sessions and support for the implementation of crisis organisations.

More broadly, Orange Cyberdefense has been conducting exercises for several years for all sectors of activity and all organisational levels, from IT teams to Comex.

A methodology has been developed to allow crisis cell participants to be immersed in a realistic and educational simulation by reproducing the compromise of the IS and the progress of an attacker in real time, the business impacts, the pressure of social networks, the media and stakeholders.

As a security incident response service provider (PRIS), Orange Cyberdefense is also involved in supporting real-life crises, particularly with hospitals.

It also has references, as evidenced by its participation in the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union last year, organising the cyber surveillance and crisis management system for nearly 70 events.

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