D3 Security MSSP Client Portal simplifies information sharing between MSSPs and clients

D3 Security will unveil its MSSP Client Portal this week at the 2023 RSA Conference.

The MSSP Client Portal is a one-stop shop for managed security service providers (MSSPs) and their clients to manage interactions and share information.

Taking inspiration from the inputs of D3 Security’s many MSSP partners, the MSSP Client Portal streamlines client communication for MSSPs and connects clients’ approvals and comments directly to the D3 Smart SOAR environment.

The portal gives MSSPs’ clients secure access to metrics, messages, and investigation information. Instead of communicating through unsecure email and messaging platforms, MSSPs and their clients can use a single, interactive workspace, reducing dwell time and improving information security.

“We’ve built our Smart SOAR platform to be the perfect tool for MSSPs to improve their services, increase their profit margins, and differentiate their offerings in a crowded market,” said Gordon Benoit, D3 Security’s President.

“We knew the biggest thing we could do next to support our MSSP partners was to give them a way to manage client interactions securely and efficiently from within our platform,” Benoit continued.

The MSSP Client Portal includes:

  • Keeping analysts focused on security. No more chasing down clients for approvals and inputs.
  • Faster response to security incidents. Client approvals can trigger pending tasks automatically.
  • Greater profit margins. MSSPs can improve their customer-to-analyst ratio by eliminating manual administrative tasks.
  • Demonstrating value to clients. The portal’s dashboards keep clients informed of the work their MSSP is doing, without any manual reporting required.

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