Cynet announces platform updates to help organizations protect their systems and infrastructure

Cynet announced its presence at RSA Conference 2023 with new updates to its cybersecurity solution.

The company is on track to release the latest version of its platform in Q2 2023, with all new domain filtering capabilities, enhanced Playbook Summary Reports, improvements to the user interface, endpoint detection and prevention services, platform performance and more.

In addition to product updates, Cynet is launching Cynet 360 Mobile capabilities as well as Lighthouse Credential Theft Monitoring, a new CyOps Platinum service that keeps watch on the dark web and various malicious environments to find vulnerable business data and stolen credentials.

“This year’s RSA Conference is going to be a major event for our organization. We have spent countless hours developing the latest version of Cynet’s platform, building out key features and service offerings that will have a major impact on the end user experience,” said Eyal Gruner, CEO, Cynet.

“As a channel-first solution, we know it’s not only our reputation on the line but the reputation of our partners and distributors. The recognition we’ve received from the industry–most recently being named a top 100 security leader by CRN – makes clear our commitment to building a world class cybersecurity solution for lean security teams to fully protect their systems and infrastructure without needing complex security tech stacks,” concluded Cynet.

One of the biggest announcements is the launch of Cynet Lighthouse Credential Theft Monitoring Service, a new addition to Cynet CyOps Platinum offerings. Cynet Lighthouse Service helps organizations locate stolen corporate credentials and assets on the dark web and underground forums by actively monitoring various malicious environments for evidence of compromised data or stolen credentials.

With the support of Cynet Lighthouse Service, companies receive protections for employee credentials even when an employee is not using company-protected devices. The Lighthouse Service team is often able to discover stolen credentials before they are marketed on the darkweb and also identifies infected hosts, even if the compromise is on non-managed machines outside of the corporate environment.

In addition to monitoring malicious environments, Cynet Lighthouse Service provides detailed reports on specific assets and credentials discovered in malicious environments.

Additional Cynet 360 v4.9 product updates include:

  • Cynet 360 Mobile Protection to safeguard user data and organizational resources on iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices. Powered by machine learning technology, Cynet’s mobile offering includes extensive anti-phishing capabilities via continuous research and traffic analysis and prevents malicious mobile apps from becoming a vector for broader attacks–essentially supplementing Cynet’s platform to provide threat protection for all endpoints.
  • Domain Filtering capabilities for Cynet Ultimate and Cynet Elite customers which protects all network traffic from the endpoint from accessing malicious websites. Domain filtering will also block connections to command-and-control services and botnets, and mitigates phishing attack risks and stolen user credentials. Domain filtering protections apply to any Cynet-protected endpoint in any location, whether connected through a corporate gateway firewall or not.
  • All new Playbook Summary Reports that include incident investigation details and results. Playbooks are automatically sent via email at the end of each playbook run. And with Cynet being one of the few cybersecurity providers to offer built-in and fully customized response playbooks, it has enhanced notifications when playbooks are triggered via an automatic email to ensure IT and security teams receive the playbooks as soon as they are available.
  • Major enhancements to Endpoint Detection and Prevention functionality, providing improved protection capabilities for Process Injection Techniques (T1055) and payloads contained within the injection. Also, machine learning NextGen Antivirus capabilities to safeguard systems from memory-only resident malware.
  • SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) updates with improved visibility into SaaS/Cloud user inventory, along with security posture data and SSPM saved filters that enable users to name and save SSPM search criteria filters for future reuse.
  • Centralized Log Management (CLM) now includes a Linux Logstash installer that automatically updates when new schema changes occur and new one-click Microsoft 365 CLM onboarding capabilities to verify connectivity and alerts.

The Cynet 360 user interface has been updated to include in-console user notifications covering release notes and platform updates. Cynet has also improved its overall platform bandwidth performance and reduced latency issues with the addition of two additional domains to its cloud environments.

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