ThreatX strengthens API and application protection with Botnet Console and API Catalog 2.0

ThreatX announced the expansion of its platform offering with the release of a new Botnet Console and API catalog 2.0.

These new dashboards, unveiled at RSA Conference 2023, will help security teams rapidly investigate automated threats and attempts to abuse APIs with enhanced metrics, analytics, and visualizations.

Attackers use botnets and other advanced techniques to exploit APIs and applications and evade detection thanks in part to solver services that are sold on the dark web. Sold at scale, solver services are commercialized packages of software that have “solved” static bot defense solutions, allowing attackers to program evading techniques based on the existing vendor in use.

As a result, security teams are struggling to correlate attack patterns, understand “normal” usage vs. attempted abuse, and defend APIs and applications against these modern, rapidly evolving attacks.

With the release of Botnet Console and API catalog 2.0, ThreatX offers information security teams the ability to defend APIs and applications from rapidly evolving threats. With the new dashboards, users will have the ability to monitor all bot activity at scale, track API usage with new metrics, analyze key traffic trends, investigate threats, and improve accuracy of bot protection as attack patterns evolve.

“Modern attacks use many different techniques, and the reality is that organizations need a solution that protects them against each of those threats, even when they’re combined in one attack. That’s why it is so important that we build dashboards that help security teams investigate threats actively targeting APIs more closely while also monitoring how automated threats are evolving,” said Bret Settle, Chief Strategy Officer at ThreatX.

“ThreatX has always been focused on risk-based, real-time blocking that stops bad actors without requiring manual intervention from our users. We understand that security teams are resource strapped, so building solutions that make it easy to confidently block threats has always been our top priority,” cocncluded Settle.

ThreatX Botnet Console

The ThreatX Botnet Console provides security teams with a powerful view for monitoring botnets and other forms of malicious, automated traffic. With its enhanced visibility, security teams can quickly identify and respond to changing automated threats before APIs and applications are affected or breached.

Given the increasing use of bots to carry out volumetric attacks, such as credential stuffing, account takeover, and DDoS, the fully integrated Botnet Console is a necessity for maintaining a strong security posture in today’s threat landscape.

ThreatX API Catalog 2.0

API catalog 2.0 offers security teams a comprehensive solution for managing APIs and investigating attackers targeting them. With its redesigned dashboard and advanced analytics, ThreatX’s API catalog 2.0 empowers security teams to investigate threats with the confidence of knowing that real-time, risk-based blocking has already thwarted attackers.

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