Conceal collaborates with Moruga to help organizations detect malicious activity

Conceal announced partnership with Moruga to help organizations of all sizes monitor and detect malicious activity at the edge.

Moruga’s proprietary Cybhermetics security platform aggregates industry-leading cybersecurity companies to create the Zero Day Protection Suite. This cybersecurity bundle combines a Zero Trust Application IT Protection and Browser Extension with Antivirus/AntiMalware/EDR and comprehensive End User training to prevent Phishing, Malware, and other risky links from being executed at the desktop.

“Conceal is a critical element of our zero day Protection Suiteand is designed to protect the end-user devices and applications to minimize Zero Day exploits’ ability to damage infrastructure, data, and reputation of the organizations who utilize this Suite,” said Dean Jordan, President at Moruga Inc.

“Moruga Inc. is a trusted full-service managed IT provider throughout the country,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal. “We’re thrilled to partner with Moruga Inc. and add ConcealBrowse to their portfolio to deliver advanced protection against browser-based threats and ransomware to their customer base.”

ConcealBrowse’s lightweight browser extension converts any existing browser into a Zero Trust, secure browser. By monitoring and detecting new and malicious URLs to determine if they are safe to access via the organization’s network, ConcealBrowse can stop credential theft and ransomware that bypass other cybersecurity controls.

If the validity of the URL cannot immediately be determined, ConcealBrowse proceeds to isolate the session through its dynamic routing network to hide and protect the user’s identity and the organization’s network.

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